Patrick Martinez

Learn more about Patrick Martinez’s augmented reality artwork, Homegrown.

Patrick Martinez' augmented reality artwork, "Homegrown"

How to view Homegrown in the 4th Wall app on-site at the NE corner of Figueroa and Arroyo Glen

  • Download 4th Wall from the App Store or Google Play. When downloading, enable all permissions so you can hear sound. 4th Wall does not collect any user data.  
  • Open the app and select “Coordinates” on the home screen. Hold your phone up to find the artwork!
  • Use the camera icons on the right of the screen to record the experience. When prompted, allow 4th Wall to access your photos to save your recordings directly to your camera roll.

Homegrown is a monument that anticipates a future in Los Angeles where affordable housing is accessible to people who have lived here for generations; where community members are valued for their presence in the city. Martinez built on his extensive practice working with neon and hand painted signage to create a new kind of sculpture. The artwork uses the language of the neon as a protest sign, and blends it with a real estate post. This combination of two familiar types of advertising language get combined in an unfamiliar way. Hovering above an empty lot in Highland Park, it demands that we imagine a new trajectory for the city and not settle for a future where luxury developments continue to proliferate, while families continue to be displaced. 

Use the map below to view Patrick Martinez’s Homegrown on-site in Los Angeles at the empty lot on the NE corner of Figueroa and Arroyo Glen - 6144 N Figueroa St, LA, CA 90042
Metro station: Highland Park Station - Gold Line 

Download the map

You can hear Martinez speak more about his piece in the video below, and in an original essay he wrote for Monument Lab's Bulletin about his process and project. Read the essay here. 

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