Wanlass Artist in Residence

A blackboard with glowing letters that read "Twice as good is too much."

Occidental College’s 2020/21 Wanlass Artist in Residence: EJ Hill

The Wanlass Artist in Residence is Occidental’s semester-long residency program that allows an artist to investigate aspects of their practice and share it with the College campus-wide. The program encourages cross-campus collaboration and thoughtful sustained interaction between artist and students. The Wanlass Artist in Residence Program is made possible by generous support from the Kathryn Caine Wanlass Charitable Foundation.

2021-2022 Wanlass Artist: EJ Hill


I have always been inspired by those who, no matter what, maintain a sense of courage, curiosity, and wonder—those whose ideas and practices challenge convention and dominant ideologies—those who dare to ask, “How?” but more importantly, “Why?”

When I first decided to pursue a career as an artist, it was the only space that I found where I could make up my own rules to follow—where I could have complete and total freedom. Fifteen years after the fact, that freedom comes with some caveats, but inquiry is still my most valuable resource. This is the space that I work from. That I live from. That I learn from. That I love from. Arguably, one and the same.

As the 2021/22 Wanlass Artist In Residence, is there any room to ask:
“Why don’t we do things differently? Just to...you know, like...see what happens?”

Shoutout Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka.

EJ Hill
August 2021

EJ Hill is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Much of what he knows, he has learned from: Estelle Thompson, Karen Thompson, Ernest Hill Jr., Margaret Nomentana, Joan Giroux, Adam Brooks and Mat Wilson (Industry of the Ordinary), Andrea Fraser, Mario Ybarra Jr., Na Mira, Matt Austin, Young Chung, Jordan Casteel, TLC, Lauryn Hill, and Augie Grahn. He is forever indebted to these educators and thanks them endlessly.