Occidental College welcomes CamLab as the Fall 2015 Wanlass Artist in Residence

Occidental College is pleased to host the artist collective CamLab as its 2015 Wanlass Artist in Residence. CamLab works with themes of power dynamics, feminism, reparative history making, and uses relational objects (a term coined by and originating with artist Lygia Clark (1920 - 1988)) as a way to self-organize or aspire to social change. In their practice CamLab perpetually and passionately models collaboration as a survival strategy. 

With Respect To... is comprised of three spaces: The Reguarding Room, a Searching Center, and Holding Hearing Court. These realms reflect the various modes of CamLab's approach and its celebration of practice-led knowledge creation.

The Reguarding Room houses an architectural model of the gallery that displays an exhibition in miniature of historic artworks. The miniatures depict themes tied to the current nationwide conversation about rape and sexual assault reporting on college campuses. The model is intentionally staged at Occidental, one of 144 schools currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education. The to-scale reproductions will be created in a campus-wide workshop prior to the exhibition's opening and continued in another workshop on November 22. 

The workshop will take place in the adjoining Searching Center, a space outfitted with relevant research materials and miniature art-making supplies. CamLab intends for the workshops and the Center to be the site of material exploration and intimate conversation around these difficult issues. Across the hall, Holding Hearing Court is CamLab's latest addition to its "speaker mounds" series. This time, the duo invites you to browse, read aloud, and stand/sit/crouch proud! Not at all a place of judgment, the playful podiums will attempt to court you into trying on an alternate subjectivity for your sister citizens.

CamLab's exhibition, With Respect To... will occupy Weingart Gallery from October 29, 2015 to January 17, 2016. 

About CamLab

CamLab is the collaborative practice of Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman, which began at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia in 2005. Mayer and Wyman are united by a common interest in phenomena such as scopophilia (sexual pleasure derived from looking), embodied knowledge, and the destabilization of a singular subjectivity. CamLab believes that a contemporary politics of pleasure must acknowledge the contiguity of language and body in facilitating a spectrum of experience that includes alterity, intimacy, and humor. This philosophy materializes in CamLab's process, in particular the duo's social practice work and relational object-making.  Solo shows include Sea and Space Exploration, Los Angeles (2008); 40000, Chicago (2007); and Dan Graham/Leslie Dick, Los Angeles (2009). In 2012 CamLab staged three event-based works at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Their work has been included in group exhibitions at museums and galleries that include Torrance Museum of Art, Los Angeles (2012), Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2009). CamLab has performed in Los Angeles at the Hammer Museum (2012), The Lounge at REDCAT (2008). Last year the duo staged a site specific social engagement project in El Paso, hosted by Machine Project and the Rubin Center. In Fall 2015, CamLab will be Occidental College's Wanlass Artist-in-Residence.

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