Cognitive Science


The Cognitive Science Department is thrilled to welcome Justin Li, Oxy's first tenure track computer scientist:

Hi, I'm Justin. I got my BS in computer science from Northwestern University in 2009, and just graduated with my PhD from the University of Michigan. I have taught computer science to both absolute beginners and graduate students, and particularly enjoy finding computer science analogies for non-computer-science things (and vice versa). My research is in artificial intelligence, and specifically in the memory mechanisms of cognitive architectures: if we want to make a smart robot, how does it accumulate knowledge and think of the right knowledge at the right time? A lot of my work draws inspiration from cognitive science, so if you are interested in how people know things and how computers might know the same, I would love to talk with you. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time climbing rocks and even more time making up bad puns. I look forward to meeting you!