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We want Occidental to be a place that develops students who can, and will, change the world in a myriad of ways; who are committed to functioning as concerned and engaged global citizens; and who can negotiate difference and appreciate diversity in all its dimensions.

From Occidental’s Equity & Justice Agenda

This page is your portal to global citizenship, where you will find information for international students at Oxy, the Oxy at the United Nations program, Washington Internships, Campaign Semester and Richter Research. Prepare yourself to lead in a complex world, contribute to solving transnational problems, compete in the global workforce and thrive in intercultural environments.

More than two-thirds of Oxy students pursue one of our various routes to global citizenship: traditional study abroad or international research, fellowships and internships.

Review College statements on Location Safety and Travel Policy and peruse our annual reports.

Information and procedures detailed on the IP website constitute College policy. Exceptions considered by the appropriate College official.

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McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, Johnson 102