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November 11, 2015

History Department's Jane Hong's Op-Ed Article in LA Times Looks at the History of Immigration Law and Today's Border Problem

Jane Hong's recent Op-Ed piece in the LA Times looks back on the history of the United States, and how changes in immigration law have created the problems with US borders we face today.

"Before 1965, the United States was 85% white. Today, racial and ethnic minorities make up one-third of the population. Before 1965, the immigrant stream was largely European. Today, most new arrivals to this country come from Mexico, China and India. The passage of the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act, 50 years ago this month, made these changes possible.

Contrary to what pundits often suggest, however, Hart-Celler wasn't an unmitigated good for all ethnic groups. In fact, it set Asians and Latinos on divergent paths, with consequences that continue to reverberate today."


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