Latino/a & Latin American Studies


The Latino/a and Latin American Studies Major requires forty units/ten courses in addition to its language requirement of Spanish 202 OR Spanish 211. Students are strongly encouraged to take a one unit-course in U.S. Latino or Latin American Performance Art (Music or Dance) before they graduate. Requirements are:

  • the Latino/a and LLas 101: Introduction to Latino/a and Latin American Studies an interdisciplinary introduction to the geography, societies, cultural landscapes, and political and economic struggles of Latin American and U.S. Latino peoples.
  • two courses from the following three Latin American History and Politics courses: History 150; History 151; Pol 210;
  • Two Latino Studies courses from the following offerings: ECLS 352 (Chicano Literature), ECLS 365 (U.S. Latino Literature); Education 213 (Chicano Education); Econ 324 (Economics of Immigration); History 359 (Mexico-U.S. Borderlands); Music 385 (Performance and Politics of the U.S. Mexico border); Psych 385 (Chicanas and Chicanos); SOC 420 (Immigration); Spanish 383 (Chicano Literature).
  • Three additional courses (not counting the two mandatory courses from History 150, History 151, Pol 210), from the list of electives listed under the COURSES drop-down menu, including at least one 300 level course. Starred 300-level courses fulfill the Junior Writing Requirement. In the interests of interdisciplinarity, no more than two electives may be taken from the same department.
  • satisfaction of the Major's language requirement (Spanish 202 or Span 211). Span 202 or 211 fulfills the language requirement but is not counted towards the 40 units of credit necessary for the major.
  • the equivalent of a 300 level Spanish class above Span 202/211 or a third Latino Studies course.(two Latino Studies courses are mandatory).
  • The Latino/a and Latin American Studies Senior Seminar. Declared majors propose the topic of their senior thesis by the end of Spring Junior year.

Current requirements for the Latino/a and Latin American Studies Minor: Spanish 202 or 211 remains mandatory; so, too, are the Gateway course, two Latino Studies courses and two Latin American Studies courses, of which one should be at the 300 level. Only ONE history/politics course from History 150; History 151; Politics 210 will be required of minors.

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