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September 2, 2015

"Would it be possible to start offering Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter packets as one of the flavor options in the marketplace? They're delicious! Thank you!

The Justins Vanilla Almond Butter is here! Vote with your dining dollars and keep it on the menu!

"RE: jelly on pb&j containing corn syrup...any chance that could change to a jelly that contains real sugar? i'd gladly pay more for real food!"

And we would love to give you jelly made with cane or beet sugar - but we've checked all our suppliers - even the natural and organic food vendors - and cannot find any jelly made with real sugar available in bulk packaging. We believe the demand is out there, and eventually the supply chain will catch up, so we will keep on the look out. In the meantime, please be advised that our jelly contains corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup, there is a...

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July 9, 2015

"Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to get tofu back in the sandwich station. I understand that options are limited during the summer, but there are very few options for vegetarians already. Thanks!"

The tofu was absent for a short time while business was slow, but we brought it back quickly ;-)

"The Mongolian Beef at lunch today [6/15] was FANTASTIC!!! I've been telling everyone I see to try it. The caramelized onions really made the dish....

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April 23, 2015


Will you accept 1 out of 3? The Tiger Cooler started stocking Fruit Rollups on April 17 - Enjoy!

"I'm SOOO excited that the marketplace now carries califia farms almond milk!!! Is it possible to get the regular unflavored iced coffee (not salted caramel)? Thanks!"

Our natural foods supplier just started carrying Califia...

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April 10, 2015

"Loving #mediterraneanmonday lunch at home style...not sure if it's purposeful, but it's a good tradition! Keep it up!"

Let's just say it's purposeful and semi-regular :-) Come join us Monday April 13 for Gyros, Hummus, Pita, Tzatziki and Tomato & Red Onion Salad!

"More grapes on campus. even if they're out of season and expensive, i will pay the difference. also more fried rice...

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March 27, 2015

"I was wondering if the speciality salads can always have the cheese put on the side. A few times in the last few weeks I wanted to get the specialty salads but sadly realized there was dairy products already premixed (I'm allergic). I normally love the speciality salads and am very grateful for their diversity:)"


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March 17, 2015

March 6, 2015

"PEACHES. Why no peaches? (Or nectarines - those are cool, too.)"

At this time of year stone fruits would come from South America - expensive and a long transport. Given our commitment to the Real Food Challenge and buying local as much as possible, we'll wait until these fruits are tastier and have a much smaller commute. Maybe early spring - at the soonest.


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February 13, 2015

"Would love to see quinoa, black beans, roasted veggies, protein options besides tuna and tofu (chicken, turkey),and feta as constant items in the salad bar"
The salad bar is somewhat space challenged - and although we get many requests for "constant" items, we think boredom might result. We rotate in black beans, quinoa and feta cheese with other items such as kidney beans, chick peas, cous-cous, edamame and bleu cheese. News flash - did you know that we now carry fully cooked, unseasoned grains in the freezer near the salad bar?! Look for lentils, quinoa, cous-cous and more on a rotating basis. Microwave them and they make a great addition to your salad. As for Roasted Veggies, we're sorry to say they would be impractical for the salad bar regularly because of the high volume we would have to prepare...
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