Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator

Our Net Price Calculator is a useful tool that can estimate your eligibility for financial aid at Oxy.

College affordability is an important factor in determining if a college is the right fit for you and your family. The cost of college must be realistic and manageable, and we welcome you to give our Net Price Calculator (NPC) a try to see what types of aid you may be eligible to receive at Oxy.

How it Works

  • The NPC uses your self-reported family income and assets and applies a standardized methodology to determine your family's ability to contribute to college costs.
  • Based on our current cost of attendance, the NPC will provide an estimate of the aid you might expect.
  • It is meant as a general guide for entering first-year students outlining the types of need-based financial aid available at Oxy.

Keep in Mind

  • Use of our NPC is not a guarantee of aid, and all students must complete the CSS PROFILE and FAFSA, and submit all other required documents in order to be considered for need-based aid at Occidental.
  • The NPC does not take into account merit eligibility. For more information regarding merit scholarships*, visit the Grants & Scholarships section of the Financial Aid website.
  • The more complex the family financial situation, the less accurate the calculation will be (e.g., divorced, separated, never married parents, families with businesses or partnerships, families with multiple real estate properties, families with significant tax losses such as net operating or business losses, families with special circumstances of various types).
  • In the case of divorced or separated parents, the custodial parent (the parent the student lived with most in the past 12 months) should provide their financial information.
  • If the custodial parent is remarried, the step-parent must also provide their information on the NPC.
  • Divorced or separated parents should both independently use the NPC for an estimate of the cost of an Occidental education. Bear in mind that Occidental expects both custodial and noncustodial parents to contribute toward college costs and participate in the financial aid application process.
  • Occidental partners with a third party company that develops the NPC to follow Oxy's Financial Aid awarding policies. This NPC should not be used to determine aid eligibility at other colleges.

Click here for the Net Price Calculator

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