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November 30, 2015

Blogger: Jessie Baek

Choosing a major can seem extremely daunting in the beginning. I still vividly remember my college application process, and not knowing which major I wanted to select as my choice of study. It was a frightening experience, just because I felt as if I were committing to something that I wouldn’t want to commit to later. The truth is, though, choosing your major doesn’t have to be as scary or as baffling as I made it out to be. If you happen to know exactly what you want to major in before entering college, that’s awesome! On the flip side, if you have absolutely no idea what you want to study, I assure you, that is completely fine and normal. At Oxy, everyone enters their first year of college as an undeclared major, and are required to declare their field of study by the end of...

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November 27, 2015

Blogger: Matt Hao

As an avid Christmas lover, I am constantly counting down the days until Christmas. I am obsessed with white Christmases, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to experience one because California – it’s on the bucket list though. Anyways, here are a few things to do before the best day of the year arrives. (To all my Jewish friends, I am so sorry and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe stop reading now)

1) Buy an advent calendar. This is a must. Unless, for some reason, you are a Grinch or don’t like chocolate, there is no possible downside of buying a nifty advent calendar. Not only are they an...

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November 24, 2015

Blogger: Tess Arrighi

#ImpeachVeitch. Movement Not A Moment. 67 Grand Meet Our Demands. Signs bearing these slogans and more are plastered against the glass walls of the Arthur G. Coons Administrative building. Tents have been pitched outside and sleeping bags and air mattresses dominate the interior. Students lay sprawled throughout the hallways, most typing away on their laptops or chatting quietly with fellow occupants.

Occidental College has appeared on national news this past week due to the activities of the student group Oxy United for Black Liberation (OUBL).  Following a walk-out and sit-in in solidarity with other universities across the country protesting racial discrimination on college campuses, OUBL occupied the college’s administrative building and issued a list of demands...

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November 23, 2015

Blogger: Jazzy Lee

My room is chaos, swirling, teeming chaos, like dripping bubbles of watercolor are colliding into one another and bursting, leaving a glorious stain as artful receipt of their deadly expenditure. Oh wait, did I say my room? I meant my head.

Oxy for me means the ability to be involved in a ridiculously large number of ridiculously amazing groups, activities, and organizations. But that also means my highly creative brain is in a supercharged overdrive. I love Oxy because of pho and movie nights with my best friends where we order in and bundle up, both bemused and confused about the cold weather. The ideal location composed of an uncomparable triad of fantastic food (reminiscent of my hometown, Oakland), waves, and city lights make Oxy the ideal protective microcosm for me. I...

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November 22, 2015

Blogger: Allen Chen

On campus, NPP (Neighborhood Partnership Program) often hold events called “shadow days” where high schoolers from nearby LA schools get to follow Oxy students for a day. I love participating in shadow days because it allows me to share my experience here at Oxy between classes, office hours, and of course, my numerous daily visits to the Green Bean.

All of my shadows so far have been sophomores in high school, transporting me back to my naive, sophomoric days. I focused all my attention on my academics and was clueless about college from all facets. How do I apply to college? What does a typical college day look like? What classes do college students take? Throughout shadow days, these are the questions I try to...

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November 19, 2015

Blogger: Natalie De Benedetti

This past week I attended an open dance class held by one of Oxy’s dance groups called Hyper Expressions. I have previous experience in ballet, however I had never tried much contemporary or improvisational dance, which was the focus of this week’s session. The class was held on a week night and was open to all students, regardless of their dance experience, which made the class a lot of fun due to its relaxed nature. Members of the dance group led each section of the class and also choreographed the dances.

We started out with a breathing exercise, lying on the ground, centering our energy and slowly moving our limbs. The next section was...

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November 16, 2015

Blogger: Carol Ma

The Oxy Student Film Festival is held every year to present film projects that are created by Oxy students. I am interested in film so I signed up immediately when I got an email asking for volunteers for the film festival.

It was a valuable experience for me because I got to do so many things I’ve never done before. For instance, we did not have enough funds for prizes so one Friday afternoon, me and the student production coordinator went out and asked for sponsorship from local businesses. We went door to door and introduced the event to business owners. It was not easy for me at first because I had never asked so many strangers for their financial help. But as I talked to more and more businesses, I felt more comfortable explaining what our event was and why we...

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November 14, 2015

Blogger: Camille Baechler

Life has this funny way of flipping things upside down just when you thought you had it all figured out – at least that’s what happened to me when I packed my life up and moved to California all the way from Virginia to start my first semester at Occidental, quite literally on the other side of the country from my other half.

I had always known that I wanted to get off the East coast. And why wouldn’t I? California really is THE place to go if you want to get away, start fresh, and explore the world on your own for the first time. I dreamed of palm trees and In-N-Out, and when my Occidental acceptance letter opened and spewed digital confetti all over my computer monitor all I could think was “I’m going to California! I’m going to...

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November 12, 2015

Blogger: Darby Pak

When people imagine a college student, they imagine books, constant studying for tests and classes, and more books and when people imagine a college they picture a place of learning and academia. And while our student body at Oxy embodies all of these traits, and Oxy is a place of learning and academia we students still know how to have a bit of fun. Here at Oxy, one of the many wonderful facilities available to students is Johnson Hall, with a media wall on the first floor and hallways with whiteboard walls located on every floor. On the whiteboard walls, students can do work, writing in preparation for a test, drawing diagrams to check their memory, writing descriptions of chemical compounds, or drawing the popular meme Pepe.


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November 11, 2015

Blogger: Marlaina Bemis

My first day of volunteering with Peer Health Exchange did not go as I had planned. Then again, no one can quite predict how ninth grade health classes will go. I remember how hard of a time my ninth grade friends and I gave our sex-ed teacher Mindy. I’m pretty sure she didn’t appreciate the jelly beans flying across the room.

I stepped out of the car with my PHE shirt on and my white binder in hand. Even though I wasn’t teaching the class, I was still nervous, and not being able to find the entrance to the school did nothing to calm my nerves. When I finally stepped into the courtyard of the school, I knew I was in trouble when a loud bell rang across campus. Swarms of students funneled out of the various classrooms spread out around the...

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