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September 21, 2015

Blogger: Alexis Morse

There’s a lot I could say about myself to try and give a picture of what my life is like here at Oxy. I could talk about what I’m involved in-- everything I do with Planned Parenthood, the Queer Student Alliance, Wellness Committee, Glee Club, jazz vocal lessons, and the many different jobs I’ve had on campus. I have many stories of tears, both happy and sad, even from just two semesters of being here. But I feel like there’s this thing about Oxy, that makes us truly ...

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September 10, 2015

Blogger: Abbey Hastings

Every month or so I’ll have a friend or family member who wants to visit me in LA, just to see what my life at Oxy is like. Over the summer I had old friends from high school and study abroad cycling through sleeping on my couch on a weekly basis. I love having visitors because I love Oxy and I love Eagle Rock, and nothing is more exciting for me than showing the people I care about all the fun spots to hang out and eat. Though I can’t personally give an “Eagle Rock Tour” to prospective students, I think it’s an important part of the visiting experience to check out the surrounding neighborhood, simply because it really does shape student life at Oxy. That all being said, here’s a short list of things to do for visitors who want to check out Eagle Rock...

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August 4, 2015

Blogger: Declan Meagher

Let’s take a trip 2,660 miles away from our lovely Californian Oasis to the streets of Baltimore. Nestled in northern Baltimore’s historic Roland Park neighborhood is Friends School of Baltimore, a small, Quaker, private school where I logged fourteen years of my life. At the end of the summer in 2012 my choir director (and good friend), Michael McVey, asked me if I would come back the following year and help him direct the Summer Stock Musical that I have been involved in many times.  For the past three summers I have been returning to Baltimore to direct and choreograph musicals with high school kids alongside the music direction of Michael McVey.
This summer we put on “She Loves Me” which was a musical that came out in 1963, written by the...
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July 27, 2015

Blogger: Somer Greene

Summer at Oxy is beautiful. You can feel the campus rest. This is my first summer at Oxy, and I can’t think of a better way to usher in my senior year! The quad is quiet, except for excited campers and readers on the benches.  People picnic under blankets of shade.  Flowers bend and straighten to invitations from the wind. 
My friends and I have found so many pockets of peace on campus this summer. Although we are all busy—trying to find sanity between 40 hour/week internships, summer research, and applying for grad schools and fellowships—summers at Oxy encourage us to be aware of the time that’s been created to pursue what we love. 
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July 21, 2015

Blogger: Claudia Chow

Hey friends!
When I started at Oxy, I had thought of going to law school, but it was not a priority. Since then, Oxy has given me numerous opportunities to learn more about law as a potential career. I joined the Occidental Law Association (OLA) my sophomore year, and it has been a great space for students who are interested in applying to law school. Joining the club allowed me to talk with upperclassmen about what classes to take (Formal Logic in the Philosophy department will help with the LSAT!) and which professors to talk to. I was the co-president of the club this past year, with my friend Amanda. 
I started an internship...
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July 20, 2015

Blogger: Ashkan Mortazavi

I’m sure you’ve heard of those cliche stories in which an elevator pitch at some speed networking event lands someone a job or internship that they otherwise would have never found. You hear or read about those stories and think, “that will never happen to me!” but all the while dream and hope that it does. Well, I became one of those stories.
In late March, I attended one of the Career Development Center’s Speed Networking events at which I met an Oxy Alumnus by the name of Jody Yoxsimer. Jody and I had a nice chat and she asked me for my resume, which I happened to bring with me. The funny part is because I had a meeting that ran over the event, I could only stay for a mere ten minutes and met only a handful of...
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July 14, 2015

Blogger: Miranda Roethler

I am suspended in a giant, blue paint can. Or at least it feels that way.

“This is incredible,” I say, but all that comes out is a burst of bubbles that lazily make their way to the glimmering surface, some 65 feet above my head. I glance around at the four other scuba divers that surround me. We are all in awe, excitedly making various hand gestures to each other, though as of yet none of us have learned a hand signal for “totally cool!!!”

For the past two weeks, I have been taking a scientific diving course offered through the Southern California Marine Institute with two other Oxy students. We took this course so that we could dive with the Vantuna Research Group (VRG), the research group we...

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July 13, 2015

Blogger: Will Huang

Talking about myself is my second most favorite activity, so when Admissions contacted me to write about my summer, I didn't hesitate.

Where do I start? I recently got back from an all-expenses-paid vacation (or as we're calling it, a “conference”) from Chicago, where I spent four days doing touristy things with four other Oxy students. It was a journey of many firsts for me--first visit to Chicago, first limo ride, first Dodgers game (we won!), first deep-dish pizza, and much more. We were able to make it out to attractions from a cruise on Lake Michigan to art museums and planetariums to even a 95th floor bar! It was an absolute blast and we're very grateful to the Economics department for making it all possible.


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July 8, 2015

Blogger: Kathleen McKenzie

Hello! I am researching the ethics of the use of prescription stimulants by healthy college students for cognitive enhancement with the guidance of my two mentors, Professor Clair Morrissey of the Philosophy Department and Professor Diana Linden of the Cognitive Science Department. Students interested in conducting research over the summer at Oxy submit a research proposal (often written with the help of their faculty mentors) in the spring semester. After submitting my proposal this past spring semester, I was one of the lucky students whose project was chosen for this summer.

My topic is full of ear-catching, buzz words, and it evokes the best expressions and reactions from people during casual...

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July 6, 2015

Blogger: Julius DiLorenzo

Ode—to a Summer at Oxy!

A blog post one might call unorthodoxy.

With warm weather and a cloudless blue sky,

summers at Oxy are the best—here are a few reasons why:


Independent research, internships in LA,

on-campus jobs, an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I’m studying literature, my friend is analyzing Dark Matter

it makes for great small-talk and light party banter.


We live off campus

in a house...

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