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November 6, 2014

Blogger: Nicholas Yeh 

When I first came to Oxy, one of the things I knew immediately was that I wanted to get a bike.  I wanted to get around and explore LA, because I didn’t have a car and had heard LA public transport was not very good.  So I went online and found a second-hand bike shop that was on the corner of York and Figueroa and bought a great road bike, a Schwinn.  
In that first semester, I had two very interesting biking experiences.  The first was a trip to Old Town Pasadena via Colorado, and the second was to Santa Monica via a lot of crazy and long roads.

That day, I had finished class early and really wanted to see how long it would take to get to Pasadena from Oxy.  Sadly, I failed to realize that Colorado Blvd is basically hill after hill...

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November 5, 2014

Blogger: Teresa Langan

Hello world, or rather internet.
My name is Tess and I am a Senior Fellow and an English major from Verona, New Jersey, a beautiful-sounding town from a state often accused of smelling like an armpit. More recently, though, I just returned from studying abroad at Trinity College in Dublin, Spring 2014. (I wanted to study in Ireland but Oxy didn’t have a direct program there so I worked with the International Programs Office (IPO) to find a program that was a good match for me!) It isn’t “just” anymore--I left Dublin in May and I was only in Ireland for about five months. My attempts at Irish dancing never...
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November 4, 2014

Blogger: Claudia Dumpson 

As a prospective student, I fondly remember sitting in front of Weingart on a tour, hearing about 
studying abroad and thinking how wonderful of an experience it would be. So when the 
opportunity came to apply the spring of my sophomore year, I chose to apply to a program 
called IES in Madrid, Spain. As the summer came to an end, the reality that I would be so far 
from home for so long began to sink in. I was definitely excited but mostly didn...
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November 3, 2014

Blogger: Samuel Wylie

As a kid, I had roughly five ideas of what an adult could be:  a teacher, a doctor, a firefighter, an astronaut, or the president.  Obviously, this list was longer by the time I entered college at Occidental, but I still felt rigid in my own thinking:  film majors become filmmakers, chemistry majors become chemists, psychology majors become psychologists….
If this were true, society would collapse.   Yet, as an Art History and Group Language double major, I found myself believing I needed to become an art historian or a work as a translator.  I dreaded conversations at the holidays when...
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October 31, 2014

Blogger: Sarah Safuto

Hello all!
This is my first time blogging here, so allow me to verbally paint a very brief portrait of the blogger: my name is Sarah Safuto, and I'm a senior history major here at Occidental who transferred last fall. I'm the redhead in the these pictures! If there is one thing that you should know about my status as a transfer it is this – I. Love. Transfer students.
And for good reason. Not only did I transfer to Oxy, but my mother did as well when she was a student! Tiger pride, everyone, passed down from my wonderful mama. I also was a TEV (transfer, exchange, and visiting) Orientation Team leader over the summer and made some of the best memories of my life with the passionate, caring,...
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October 29, 2014

Blogger:  Sarah Tamashiro

My name is Sarah Tamashiro and I am a senior art history major.  I am from Waimalu, Hawaii and originally attended school on the east coast and after finding that it wasn't the place for me, I decided to transfer schools.  The art history opportunities that being in a metropolis like Los Angeles could offer was a big pull for me to transfer to Oxy in my sophomore year.  

Art history is much more than looking at pretty things on walls; it’s part-economics, part-genders studies, part-international affairs, part-science and technology.  It’s everything really, just with the perks of looking at things that are easy on the eyes (usually) everyday.  

Art historians are critical observers.  Nothing is the way it initially seems...

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October 27, 2014

Blogger:  Aviva Alvarez-Zakson

Hello Internet,

Im a first-time blogger here, besides that one time I tried to be an angsty teenager and found out I was actually really happy, but I digress. As the tour guide coordinator here at Oxy, allow me to introduce myself in my tour guide fashion: My name is Aviva Alvarez-Zakson, a senior, Los Angeles native, history major, education and Japanese studies double minor here at Oxy. Outside of my work at the Office of Admission as the tour guide coordinator, I am a member of the Varsity Swim and Dive team and co-president of the Student Athlete-Advisory Committee on campus. I have...

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October 24, 2014

Blogger: Daphne Auza

Hello world!

I’ve been sitting here brainstorming ideas for this admission blog for the past half hour, and apparently all I can draw out of me is “Hello world.” After the festival that I worked for all summer ended, I was excited to see that I had at least a couple free hours of nothing (sweet, glorious nothing!) every day in my schedule. But I quickly realized the deception of “nothing”. The end of my internship meant catching up on material for...

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October 22, 2014

Blogger: Maddy Farkas

Oh, hello. Didn’t see you come in. Welcome to my humble abode, aka Installation Numero 16 of my blog posts. Can you believe we’re already past puberty? Time is truly amazing. Are you all getting sick of me yet? Do you even read these? Who knows? To be honest, I’m struggling to figure out what to write about this time ‘round. Mainly because I’m sick of writing about myself, and you all probably remember how busy I am, so what more is there to say? I guess strap in for a few rounds of shameless self-promotion.


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October 21, 2014

Blogger: Kate Coursey

Hey everyone! This is my first time blogging, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kate Coursey, and I’m a senior studying English and Biochemistry here at Oxy. I’m preparing to apply for med school after college. I transferred to Oxy last year in the Fall, and after one year here, I feel I’ve gained a lot of perspective on what makes this college so unique and extraordinary.

            Before attending Occidental, I studied at the University of Utah for two years. The University of Utah is a large public research university with some really great professors and classes. Ultimately, however, I...

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