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February 9, 2015

Blogger: Nicholas Yeh

After 5 long weeks of break, I was happy to be back in school. I had some pretty cool classes, some pretty awesome professors, and a really great schedule.  Yet, despite all that, I left on the Friday of the first week of school to the Netherlands.  Yup, I basically skipped the entire second week of school to be in the Netherlands.

Mind you, it wasn’t just for fun, or for a longer holiday, I mean 5 weeks is a pretty long break as is.  I was in The Hague, Netherlands for a week because I am the director of an Online Model UN Organization, and was the team director of our third travel team to THIMUN (The Hague International MUN) conference.  I was there last year as a team...

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February 5, 2015

Blogger: Emily Johnson

If you have ever been on one of my tours or in one of my information sessions, you likely heard me gush about professors, babble on about the beauty of office hours, and boast about the amazing required reading in college. Surprisingly, I don’t think this is so uncommon at Oxy.

Just reading that over, I understand how nerdy it sounds. But, over my four years at Oxy, I have become proud of my nerdiness. And with graduation just a few months away, I find myself reflecting on how my nerdiness has prepared me for the world that awaits. My nerdiness and appreciation for learning taught me how to be the author of my educational experience.

I now realize that I wrote my own educational story when I chose...

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January 27, 2015

Blogger: Daphne Auza

After a stressful finals week, I started winter break fantasizing about a spring semester where I could give myself a REAL break. I would take a part-time course load and throughout the rest of the week, I’d spend quality time with friends and maybe even incorporate napping into my daily routine. After all, I’m a senior in my final semester. I should be taking it easy, right?

I’ve been back at Oxy for a little over a week, and practically none of that has happened.

Aside from continuing my position in the Office of Admission as a communications intern, I’ve started interning at Red Hen Press, a non-profit publishing press in Pasadena. Oxy’s spoken word poetry team, which I qualified for last...

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January 12, 2015

Blogger: Columbia Shafer

A few days ago I was giving a tour and someone asked me what I would do differently if I could repeat my time at Occidental. I’ve loved my time at Oxy, so my initial reaction was that I wouldn’t change a thing. However, upon reflection I realized I wish I had taken greater advantage of all of the opportunities available. Below are just a couple of Oxy’s most amazing resources and opportunities that I wish I had discovered earlier and a few more that I plan try out in the coming semester.

As a senior it’s embarrassing how many programs and resources I didn’t take advantage of earlier in my time at Oxy. During the past semester I checked out a bike from the Bike Share program for the very...

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January 6, 2015

Blogger: Nina Greenebaum

As winter break comes to a close, Occidental students are beginning to think about what the next semester will hold. However, before returning to Los Angeles to begin my final semester at Occidental, I wanted to share some insight on this past semester at Occidental, and finals week in particular. 
This past finals week, the library was filled to capacity at all hours of the day with students shuffling through flash cards, preparing for an exam, rapidly debating in study groups or buried into their laptops, constructing essays. As a senior, this was by no means my first finals week at Oxy; I like to think that I know the drill, but each finals week presents a new set of challenges and assignments. At the start of each finals week, there is a sense of impossibility considering the essays, exams and presentations ahead; however, despite the stress during finals, there is also an amazing sense of...
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January 2, 2015

Blogger: Sarah Tamashiro

It’s 11:04 Hawaii Standard Time on New Year’s Eve 2014, moments away from a new year.  Those that interact with social media know that recently Facebook and Instagram have been compiling some of the best moments of your year to share with the rest of the internet.  I’m not a fan of these types of things but I like the concept of reflecting on how much love and joy we’ve been fortunate to share with others over the past 365 days.  As a recent graduate, I’d like to take this last blog post to reflect on how much admiration I have for Oxy.  
Hawaii is the “50th state” but really it's a country far removed from the rest of the US – historically, culturally, and geographically.  Over the past few...
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December 30, 2014

Blogger: Griffin Taylor

As I write this, I wade waist-deep into the least favorite part of the semester: finals week. It is like any other week: there’s a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and even a Saturday. Except there’s a catch- the monolithic examination of your knowledge on the entirety of a class. The fruits of your labor are either exalted to the stellar mark you always swore you would bring home to your parents, or is doomed to haunt you in regret. I would say this is a fairly agreed-upon conception of finals week between college students. 
As one might wonder, finals week is not a fan favorite among students, as first-years and seniors alike cram for an unknown test, compile readings upon readings into a final paper, scribble notes late into the night preparing for a...
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December 25, 2014

Bogger: Connie Oh

Now that winter break is here, and you’ve probably already heard way too much about finals week at this point, I’m going to talk about something other than academics here at Oxy – I’m going to talk about getting involved with community service. I’m extremely passionate about giving back to the community. It’s always been a big part of my life, so obviously, community service is one of the most important activities I do here at Oxy. Here’s my little blurb on why (and how) to get involved in community service at Oxy.

First of all, it’s so easy to get involved in community service at Oxy. One look at the website for the Office of Community Engagement will tell you immediately that there are tons of ways to get easily involved....

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December 23, 2014

Blogger: Keane Tarrosa

Hey everyone,
As the fall semester ends, it is just starting to hit me that I only have one semester left at Oxy. The real world is rapidly approaching and I am desperately trying to make the most of my remaining Oxy experience. That’s why instead of working on my grad school apps or looking for jobs, I’m going to spend the next hour reminiscing with you all and sharing 7 things I wish I had known starting at Oxy. 
1) Make friends with Barry, Kathy, and Jenny
Each of these terrific people deserves their own bullet point but if I start to get too in-depth with them, I will never finish this post. Barry has found the perfect balance between fulfilling his role as a campus safety officer while simultaneously being a friend to...
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December 14, 2014

Blogger: Lisa Chang 

Fall semester has come to end, and with finals winding down, my time in Rome is also coming to a close. I cannot begin to recount all the amazing experiences, lessons, and cultural encounters I have had this semester. But instead of being one of those annoying individuals who can't seem to stop ranting and raving about their experiences abroad, allow me instead to end this semester with some closing thoughts of reflection.
As I start to pack my bags back home, I am reminded of the quote, "This is not the end, but a beginning." Studying abroad in Rome has not only exposed me to a different culture, but also prepared me for more intercultural experiences and adventures in the future. 
After learning to be semi-independent (...
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