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October 14, 2014

Blogger: Amber Thai 

Hey all!

I hope that the semester has started off well (: It’s already October and I’m in the middle of doing my senior comps and can’t even start thinking about how I’m going to be graduating next Spring semester because everything seems so far off into the future. Time is passing by slowly which is good because I want to have as much time as possible to hang out with my friends. I don’t know if it’s because it’s Senior year but I’ve also had much more energy to do homework and work now more than ever. Maybe it’s due to the past three years that have trained me to stay up late haha.

As far as what I’ve been up to for this semester, I applied for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award to Vietnam, which would allow me to spend a whole year in Vietnam to teach English to...

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October 13, 2014

Blogger: Columbia Shafer 

On tours I often have been asked, “What is the defining quality of an Oxy student?” After three years of close observation of Occidental students in their natural habitat I have come the the conclusion that we are a busy bunch. No matter what a student's interests are they probably involved in half a dozen different organizations, taking challenging classes, working, and making time to go out and explore LA. I'm certainly no exception to the busy Oxy lifestyle, and this past week has been proof.

The week started at 6am on Sunday when I got up to watch the sunrise on me and my roommate's birthday (a tradition I've blogged about before, pictured below)....

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October 10, 2014

Blogger: Rebeca Lopez

I took me a while to finally admit this to myself, but I am an indecisive person. If you can relate to this then you can imagine the difficulty I encountered when I had to chose my major. I considered at least 6 different majors before I finally decided I was going to study Urban and Environmental Policy. I took classes across several departments and realized that even though I enjoyed Sociology, Politics, Economics, Critical Thinking and Social Justice, and Kinesiology, I did not want to major in just one of those. 
My sophomore year I took the intro class for Urban and Environmental Policy and realized that it combined everything I enjoyed and even more; I felt like the decision had basically been made for me. I am now in my Junior year and still very confident that I chose the right...
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October 7, 2014

Blogger: Janel Booker

The past 3 years at Oxy, I have stayed pretty much consistent as far as extracurricular involvement is concerned: Dance Production and Cheer.  Then, senior year rolls around and I find myself trying to juggle my newly acquired job in admissions with my position as captain of the cheerleading squad and prepping my resume and cover letter for the job I hope to acquire before I graduate in May. ..along with my classes. Surprisingly, even though I feel as if I am doing less then in years past, I have much less free time. 


I’m constantly stressed or on the verge of tears because of the fear of failing. Often I’m very sleep deprived...

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October 6, 2014

Blogger: Connie Ohh

The last time I wrote a blog post I was but a wee freshman, trying to figure out my way through Oxy. Today, however, I am a sophomore – and a history major. Yes, I declared my major!

Many people ask me why I chose to become a history major. The history major provides me with many different options – so many different geographical areas and time periods to study about! So many different topic areas! I really enjoy having that freedom and diversity to study whatever time period or subject matter I’m interested in. My particular interests lie with modern U.S. history and East Asian history – with a strong focus on the intersection between those two areas, Asian...

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October 3, 2014

Blogger: Julius DiLorenzo

When I was 17—a junior in high school— I found solace in volunteering on the Illinois Senate campaign. I was at that point in life where I was too angsty to be hanging at home but not quite old enough to have anywhere else to go…and then I discovered political campaigns. Converted offices filled with excited and passionate young (and not so young) people engaged in the world. Nobody cared that I was in high school or that I had homework to do or that I still didn’t have a driver’s license. Everyone would work and laugh and tell stories and eat and stay at the office until sometimes 9pm—even on school nights! And then I met Dimitri.

Dimitri was a college junior from Occidental working on the campaign through a program at his...

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October 1, 2014

Blogger: Somer Greene

“What’s your major?” When I was a first year, I was afraid of this question. When I became a sophomore, I was confused by this question. By the time I reached my junior year, however, I finally answered this question with the tongue-tied response of: “Hi, my name is Somer Greene and I am a Community Development and Media Communications major.”

At Oxy, students are encouraged on a daily basis to explore their passions, ask questions, and be bold in their pursuit of academic and social knowledge, and through the Independent Pattern of Study Program (IPS) I was given the opportunity to do just that. I decided to create my own major after completing an internship the summer of freshman year. My dream job is to work for a nonprofit organization...

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September 29, 2014

Blogger: Donovan Dennis

It’s no secret to many around me that I come from Montana. Though I don’t live up to the entire bolo-tie-wearing, 10-gallon-hat-and-spurs stereotype, many times my friends remark on my behavior with something along the line of “Your Montana is showing.” Most of the time, I’m proud of my heritage. I’m a seventh-generation Montanan, and the first student in my family to grow up in Montana and attend college outside the state. My “Montana shows” often, like when I choose to say hello to people as they walk down the street—or nod to passersby driving on the road. There aren’t very many of us at Oxy, but I hope more students from rural states recognize the value in not only attending a school in...

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September 26, 2014

Blogger: Soraya Sebghati

It’s 10:46PM on a Wednesday night and I’m sitting on the floor of my Twin Peaks-themed dorm room, laughing with my roommate about the Internet and sharing a box of Domino’s pizza. I’ve managed to get a horrible cold in 90-degree weather and know that pizza is not the best choice at this moment, but I don’t really care. This is what I’d like to call a fairly relaxing weeknight.

I’m Soraya Sebghati and I’m a junior English and Comparative Lit major here at Oxy. I’m also the blogger/promotions person for KOXY, the school radio station, the chair of the English Department Student Committee, and a writer for Her Campus, another blog directed towards and written by...

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September 24, 2014

Blogger: Jane Drinkard

I received a text on my phone today that read: “Good luck on your presentation!” It was from one of my best friends here, but I didn’t remember telling her that I even had a presentation today. That being said, it made me smile and calmed my nerves.
This kind of small, friendly gesture is common at Oxy. Because it’s a small school people know each other and pick up on details. On the other hand, people are also held accountable for their actions and behavior when they make a mistake. The “popular” people on campus, are those people who use the size of the campus to their advantage, get to know as many people as possible, and genuinely care about them. It feels cliché and boring to say that everyone here is incredibly nice, but it really is true.
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