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February 10, 2014

Blogger: Miriam Subbiah

If you asked me a year ago what I would do for my senior comprehensive project (comps), I would have had no idea. All I knew was that I loved linocut reduction prints. The clean sensation of gauging into the rubbery linoleum was like meditation for my hands. And yet a year later, somehow the entire project flowed out naturally.
It began when my friend Abby and I drove a sixteen foot U-Haul truck down from Seattle to Los Angeles at the start of the summer. This was the first road trip I had ever taken, and I was struck by the California landscape, made even more dramatic by our elevated position within the truck. Three months later when I had to pitch an idea for my comps, I still could not stop thinking about the bald patches on the hills due to logging, the miles and miles of...
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February 6, 2014

Blogger: Marisha Thakker

It’s finally 2014, and I just realized how strange it is going to be to leave Oxy in the fall. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out, I was the one that refused to leave the theatre because it means it would officially be over. Maybe they’ll have to do the same at graduation! Oxy has become home. This semester, I decided to take all the classes I had always wanted to but never really had time in my schedule to do. I’m really enjoying my musical theatre class (it’s taught by an acting professor and a voice coach, which is really cool) and it doesn’t have any pre-requisites so I didn’t even have to audition to get in! We have a lot of musical talent at Oxy, and it’s interesting as a director to see the other side of theatre and be part of it.


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February 1, 2014

Blogger: Kristen Treat

Hey Potential New Tigers! My name is Kristen Treat and I am a senior Environmental Biology major here at Oxy and first-time blogger!

Reflecting on my past 3.5 years here at Oxy, I have realized quite a few things, but especially:

  1. I started exploring the amazing city of Los Angeles much too late in my college career.
  2. Being a second semester senior makes you feel really, really old.
  3. Kathy, the nicest sandwich lady/ human being you’ll ever meet, makes one killer turkey pesto wrap.

Although all are valid points, I would have to say that not venturing out into the City of Angels a bit earlier in my Oxy career has been one of my biggest realizations, especially after last weekend. In just a three day span, I think I did more off-campus exploring than I...

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January 29, 2014

Blogger: Everest Law

“I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees” – A. Tennyson in Ulysses

It feels strange to remain at home, while all my Oxy friends are already engaging themselves in a typical (i.e. busy) Oxy semester. No matter – within three days I will be setting off to St. Petersburg, Russia for my Study Abroad program. The excitement and anxiety of going to a new place hasn't struck me yet, and somehow I feel more secure than three years ago when I first arrived at Oxy. These few years of life in the US have indeed prepared me better – at least mentally – for facing unknowns and abrupt changes in life.

It is interesting to see how Oxy tries to prepare...

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January 29, 2014

Blogger: Kyle Beasley 

And we're back.....well, not exactly...

Instead of settling back into the dorms for another semester at Oxy, I'm actually in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil studying abroad this semester. Having come to Rio with no prior Portuguese skills, I was definitely worried about communicating and simply understanding everything that would going on around me. I'm very grateful that Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro Natives) are so incredibly friendly and extremely helpful. I am doing a homestay, where I am living with a great family in the Copacabana neighborhood of the city. My host mom and dad are extremely patient with me and are always willing to help me with my acquisition of the language.

Even though I've only been here for about 4 weeks now, I am already having a lot of fun. Of course I've done all of the...

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January 27, 2014

Blogger: Becca Patch

Last week, I was sitting on a couch in front of a roaring fire, listening to the rain pound on the roof, which is pretty par for the course for an Oregon winter. Today, I’m sitting on a bench in the middle of the quad at Oxy and everyone’s wearing shorts… which is pretty par for the course for a California winter. The five weeks of winter break are over, and I recently had the startling realization that I’ll never have a free month for winter break again (I have this inkling that jobs don’t work like that). I’ve been thinking about home a lot recently. The first picture is of me and my friend Elise on a hike in Oregon!

There isn’t any place quite like beautiful, rural Southern Oregon. It was a quiet place to grow up—it’s the kind of small town that you see on...

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January 18, 2014

Blogger: Lisa Gilliland

As I sit in a cafe in Amsterdam about a year after returning from an incredible and challenging semester studying here, I cannot help but reflect on my almost 4 full years at Oxy. A lot has happened during this time, both good and bad, but the conclusion I have reached is that I wouldn’t change these years for anything. Sure there are things I wish I had done - I never got around to my dream of starting a co-ed acapella group [I’m sure someone will do that soon!], but I did do some things I hadn’t planned to do, like taking piano lessons, enjoying Econ, or learning Dutch. I often wish I had planned out my courses better so I could have avoided the less-than-fantastic grades I got in the classes that I didn’t feel I really needed. But then I remember I had no clue what I wanted to study...

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January 8, 2014

Blogger: Maddy Farkas

I was brainstorming what to write in this post but I could not think of anything, so I distracted myself using internship research. That deemed itself highly unsuccessful. Now I have returned to writing, still with nothing to say, but with a bit more knowledge about a company named “Grungy Gentleman.” (Hint: I do not want to work there.)

Having five weeks of winter break always sounds like a fun idea when you’re in the middle of finals week and losing track of assignments, meals, sleep, and your own self-awareness. Then you get home and instantly remember why you went to college in the first place. I forgot what it was like to have to force friends to hang out with you, to make your own lunch (or take the easy route and sleep until 3), to not have busy work. So I gave myself...

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December 31, 2013

Blogger: Donovan Dennis

I mentioned in my last entry that my hometown, Great Falls, MT, is the 22nd coldest city in the U.S. For a time during early December’s great Rocky Mountain and Midwest freeze, Great Falls was the coldest place on earth, with wind chills steadily descending into the -40s, indeed lower than those temperatures on the Antarctic continent. One can thus imagine my great displeasure at the frigid temperatures piercing my North Face and ripping through the three layers of sweaters underneath as I descended the plane steps onto the tundra of the Great Falls International Airport.

Finals have concluded, thankfully, and I was able to spend 12 well-earned days at home before returning to Oxy on Dec. 29th for the remainder of our winter break training camp. I flew home from Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon,...

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December 27, 2013

Blogger: Kristin Feinberg

Hello future tigers and tigers alike!

Another busy semester is over and I'm back at home in the snow. Although the time is quite appreciated, I must admit I already miss that California sunshine. 

I'm spending my winter break catching up on shows I didn't have time to watch, baking a few too many batches of cookies, celebrating the holidays with family, a short trip to Montana, and training for the upcoming lacrosse season (50 days until SCIAC opening!). 

With the new year coming up, I've been reflecting on what I have done with my sophomore and junior year thus far. Here are 13 things that I have done at Occidental in 2013.

1. I had a wonderful second season with the lacrosse team. Not only did we work hard on the field, but we also raised money...

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