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February 21, 2012

What a weekend it has been! After finishing a rather long week with plenty of assignments and library time, I got to celebrate my twentieth birthday over the long weekend. (I always joke about how President's Day is in honor of my birthday, but no one actually believes me. xP)

Me, post Fountain-Dunk... brrr!

After Oxy's customary fountain-dunk I was treated to a lovely raspberry white chocolate mocha at the Cooler, our second eatery on campus. It's open late and usually has everything you want after a long day, including good sushi, pizza...

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February 20, 2012

My goodness. What a shameful lapse in blogging this has been. The spring semester has got off to a fantastic, albeit hectic start for me. I'm taking a couple of super tough classes, CTSJ 180 Stupidity and my CSP, Urban Fictions. In fact, I just completed a field trip for my CSP, which involved going Downtown and checking out the sights of the city. I know, this sounds like fun, but it took 6 hours, counting travel time. Stupidity is probably the coolest, most interesting class I've taken. It involves a deep analysis of human intelligence and suggests that stupidity and intelligence are not opposite ; they are unique and sometimes run parallel in the human experience. I highly suggest taking it if it's offered when you're at Oxy. My photography has been picking up speed pretty quickly, although I still do all my work for free and only expect that people accept my newly made business cards. I had 500 of them made and have been card-...

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February 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!  Long time no see! It's hard to believe that this is already the fourth week of school.  I don't know where all the time has gone!

fig. 1a

Actually, I do know where it's gone (see Fig. 1a).  This week has kind of been a rest&recovery from last week, which as Formal Greek Recruitment, which was lots of fun, as usual, but also very busy!  I've talked briefly  about recruitment before here , but I'll explain in more depth this time. The...

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February 16, 2012

These past two weeks have been really chaotic for me. The month of February is full of events like Recruitment Week, school, work, and study abroad applications. First, my study abroad application was due so I had to contact professors, talk to IPO advisors and so on, but February 6 (when the study abroad application was due) was also the beginning of Recruitment Week for Greek life. I was part of the recruitment chairs (1 of 3), and was overloaded with decisions and planning for an awesome week. Every day we had to attend a rush event, which lasted from 5pm until approximately 9 or 10pm. And,on top of that, I had essays and group projects. Luckily things fell into place, which made it a fun week, plus Bid day! Delta, short for my sorority Delta Omicron Tau, welcomed 33 new pledges to our family which was the biggest pledge class ever! It was pretty exciting to welcome and try to remember 33 new names, but with time the names will make sense. The...

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February 15, 2012

One of the many awesome benefits of going to college in the city of Los Angeles is that a large number of inexpensive concerts abound. This past week I had the pleasure of going to three different shows, all of which were phenomenal. If you want hear about each of them in more detail, read more after the jump.The first show I went to was Lana Del Rey’s free performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. She had just released her debut album, Born to Die, the previous week, and so the hype surrounding her was so large that the line for the concert wrapped around the block twice. I was truly impressed with how well she sang live, although I did think her stage presence could be stronger. I also wish that I had a better spot to see the stage and that she performed a longer set, but I really can’t complain as it was free after all. Photos are from the Amoeba Music website and were taken the...

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February 13, 2012

Go ahead and take a look at your calendar right now. Go on, I'll wait. Oh good you realized that not only is it February but that it's Valentine's Day Eve. So we've just started our 4th week of the Spring semester here and it all just sort of happened in the bink of an eye. My first mid-term exam will rear its ugly head this Wednesday, signaling the season of cyclical test prep and test taking. With this in mind, we're often treated to themed meals in the Marketplace--the main dining hall on campus. Recently, in honor of Black History Month the Marketplace served an eclectic variety of dishes for lunch one day. I chose a Jamaican beef patty accompanied by beans and rice as well as peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh berries. My lunch is pictured below---restrain yourself from licking your screen...

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January 31, 2012

Hi everybody! It's been one week and my friends and I are already so busy. To kick of Week 2 of the semester, here's a brand new blog post! School What's new with school? My new classes are very interesting, and I like my courseload much more than I did last semester's. I'm taking Psyc201 (Statistics),  Kines309 (Developmental Motor Behavior), ArtH376 (16th Century Italian Renaissance Art), and Soc101 (Intro). I'm also applying for abroad programs, and I'll hear about that in the spring. I switched my major to Psychology, and that was its own crisis, but thanks to the excellent psychology faculty and my ever-patient roommate I am now a very happy psych major. How did I know cog sci wasn't right for me? I couldn't handle the philosophy and computer science classes, and you can't pick and choose so much for interdisciplinary majors! ...

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January 31, 2012

The first week back at Oxy felt exceptionally long with settling into classes and having to wake up at 9AM (oh, the ungodly hour). Although I have to say, it is great to be back. Something I really adore about Oxy is how picturesque the place is, and since I like photography, I figured I'd share a few of my personal snapshots. There's a photography club on campus, and we even have a darkroom. (How often do you see those around anymore?) The following is mostly the handiwork of a phone camera between classes. My sustainable development class gets out at 5 from the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute, this gorgeous little building embedded in a student run garden by FEAST (Food, Energy And Sustainability Team) and its always a perfect time for sunset photography. I'm also gearing up for Valentine's day (Die-hard romantic? Guilty!), which explains the heart-photography. It is rumoured that 60% of Oxy graduates marry each...

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January 30, 2012

...looks something like this on a Monday afternoon around lunchtime.

January 29, 2012

It is hard to believe I have only been back at school for a week. After getting used to my new classes, it almost feels like I never left. I spent half my winter break in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, (I'm including a couple pictures from the trip at the end of this post) and half at home in San Francisco. I had a really great time, but I'm definitely glad to be back at school. I've spent this week catching up with friends, taking advantage of the good weather to study in the sun, and restarting rehearsals for dance pro. My classes this semester are all really interesting, and I have a better and more balanced schedule than last semester. I hope everyone is having a great start to their Spring semesters! - Ava

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