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April 21, 2013

Blogger: Maddy Farkas



Setting: 9:32 pm, Wednesday night. Dorm room.

Soraya: “Should we go get food at the Cooler?”

Marissa: “Yes!”

Jessie, while looking through old photos: “Can we go to IHOP? We were so happy there!”

And so the four of us, despite having early morning classes that Thursday, made the excursion to the House of Pancakes. When my mom gave me $50 and told me to spend it wisely, this is what she was referring to, right?

If you’re wondering how I’m going to relate that back to anything, I’m going to let you down easy because I don’t have anything planned. Just thought it was a fun little story about getting off campus. Now to the stuff actually worth talking about.

I have an absolutely terrible memory. I...

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April 18, 2013

Blogger: Jill Marucut

This past month has been more than hectic. In addition to coping with the stress from a couple papers and exams, a lot of us have been worried about securing a summer internship. But with the help of Oxy’s Career Development Center (CDC), many of us have been able to find a few potential opportunities. Of course, there’s always that one hurdle that’s incredibly anxiety inducing: the interview for the position.

To prepare for interviews with potential employers, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Oxy’s Speed Networking Event with alumni, participate in two mock interviews, and attend a few other informal networking events. Using the lessons I’ve acquired from past workshops, I’ve been able to modify my interview style and incorporate some lessons with fluidity....

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April 17, 2013

Blogger: Marilyn Bran


(First, let me say congratulations for being accepted into Occidental College!)

Now, it’s true, as a senior I am now getting really nervous that there is less than 6 weeks ‘til graduation. I am definitely not ready to enter the real world! As a rising senior, you have to start looking into the future and the possible careers that lie ahead. I, like some of my friends, decided not to think about that until, umm, maybe two months ago. As a senior in your second/last semester at Oxy, you are constantly asked, “So what are you doing after graduation?” Sleeping. Haha, an ideal plan, right? Not so much. So two months ago, I decided to stop saying “sleeping” or alternate forms of the answer (my answers were usually “I don’t know,” or “working”) and...

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April 13, 2013

Blogger: Laurel Cox


Hellooo everyone!! It’s been a while!

You’ll never guess where I’m sitting as I write this right now—Japan! For serious! I’ve finally begun my study abroad program, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it (note the excessive use of exclamation points)!!! I’ve wanted to go to Japan for more or less most of my life, so this is kind of a dream come true for me. I’ve only been here a couple of days so far, but they’ve been awesome, let me tell you. My program is in Kawagoe, which is just outside Tokyo, but I arrived here a couple days early with a friend to explore the city a bit beforehand. We stayed in Asakusa, otherwise known as the historic/nostalgic district. Unlike a lot of the buildings in Tokyo, most of the original buildings are still standing...

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April 11, 2013

Blogger: Malcolm MacLeod


Hey there guys, my name is Malcolm MacLeod, but I go by Mack. I'll be a sophomore next year and I've yet to declare my major. Liberal arts was definitely the route for me because I really like to get involved with as many different things as I can. In terms of a major, I'm leaning towards either Media Studies or Studio Art, and I'll minor in whichever one I don't choose for my major. However, I'm also very interested in journalism and just started writing for the Occidental weekly, which has been a great experience so far. It's been a lot of fun being able to write on subjects outside of academia that are of personal interest. My favorite class this semester was Principles of Narrative Journalism. The class is taught by Bob Sipchen, a Pulitzer Prize winner and current Editor In Chief of Sierra Magazine. I was able to...

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April 9, 2013

Blogger: Miranda Sieg

My apologies for the protracted radio silence. Being a senior is often rather depressing marked by spontaneous bursts of intense delight, so yeah, basically I haven’t had much to say recently. So, I thought I would attempt to entertain you all with the rarely serious, usually pertinent quotes I have gathered so far this semester in three of my classes.

First, my CTSJ course Critical Theories of Sexuality has furnished these gems:

     - “…because being a child is traumatic.”

     - “We’re locked in with Freud.”


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April 7, 2013

Blogger: Lisa Chang

As a musician at Oxy, I have been offered a plethora of opportunities to not only continue my interest in music, but also work with awesome students, faculty, and alumni organizations! Here are just a few awesome music/instrument-related things Oxy has given me!

To clarify, I am not a music major, nor do I plan on becoming one. I also do not consider myself a superb musician. I am just a simple cellist who's somewhat involved with the various opportunities that the music department has held. I'm sure the music majors get even more perks!

1. Oxy-Cal Tech Symphony Orchestra - This orchestra is unique in that it composes (pun-intended) of not only Oxy and Cal Tech students, but also community members! Even though our orchestra members come from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, our wonderful conductor...

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April 6, 2013

Blogger: Amber Thai

March and April are the times that you all are hearing back or waiting to hear from the colleges that you applied to. I was talking to my friend from home and she was telling me that her little sister had heard back from a couple of colleges and how it reminded her of what it was like for her. Although it was a stressful time, I remember feeling so happy to have finished my applications and how nervous I was waiting to hear back from schools. It’s crazy to think that that was almost two years ago and it makes me think a lot about what my parents always say around the house, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s already [enter this month]! Time goes by quickly!” I get a little nostalgic when they say that and it scares me a little to think about what’s in store for me in the future, but it...

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April 4, 2013

Blogger: Everest Law

Wait, what? *cough*

Hello, people! I am Everest Law, an international student and physics major from Hong Kong. This is my second year in college, and so far it has been a good ride. A liberal arts college like Oxy is the perfect place to pursue undergraduate studies for someone – like me – who has too many interests. While completing my physics degree in preparation for graduate school, I am also taking the opportunity to explore areas of knowledge that I am curious about but don't know much about. For instance, in my first semester at Oxy I have taken a course called “Chinese Ghost and Love Stories”. It was half serious discussion of how the Chinese understood women's gender roles and the supernatural, and half reading about the adventures that young dashing...

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March 26, 2013

Blogger: Kyle Beasley

Prior to spring break, as you may have read from a few of my fellow bloggers, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on campus for Springfest, the annual spring concert. The concert was pretty cool even though this year it was moved inside the gym due to weather and did not occur in the Greek Bowl, where it is traditionally held. While the concert is the main event, the food trucks that are brought to campus are also a very nice touch (and in my book, much needed). KOGI is my undisputed favorite option, as you have probably learned through a few of my previous posts; however the other vendors that were brought to campus offered a lot of really great options as well. The event was a good transition into spring break, as well.

Spring break, while I wish it lasted a tad longer, was very much so needed in order to recover...

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