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September 26, 2012

Blogger: Marilyn Bran

Hasta luego Oxy y los Estados Unidos!

This may be the longest blog I will write, but that is because I am packing it with stories and experiences from my time abroad! I am currently studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, which is a really small town in the western part of Spain, close to Portugal. I chose this location (with the help of our International Programs Office) because of the small city, the lively nightlife, and because it is known to have the purest form of the Spanish language. Now, being a native Spanish speaker, I thought it was going to be easy, but NO - it is not easy! I learned Spanish at home and from a different country (my parents being from Guatemala) and a lot of Spanish words are useless in Spain because they don’t understand it....

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September 19, 2012

Blogger: Aja Sanneh

hey all-
im back from study abroad in spain, and although i miss tapas, a thrilling nightlife, and buildings older than the united states constitution, i love being back home.  
this summer i traveled a bit, did an internship at a production company for reality television, went to a friends wedding, and began studying for the lsat. the past 7 months have been an amazing blur, but now its time to knuckle down and make the most of my last year at school.
it wasnt until i was thousands of miles east, and 9 hours ahead did i realize how much i love the...
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September 16, 2012

Blogger: Sarah Sterling

If there is one thing you should know about my life at Oxy, it is that every social event in my life is centered on food. Whether it’s a quick snack before class, dinner and drinks for a friend’s birthday, or cooking a meal with my roommates—we are all always eating.

One aspect of life at Occidental that initially got me excited to go to school here was the mandatory 3-years of on campus living. Some people aren’t excited about living on campus for so long, but I thought it sounded fun and would make my entire college experience easier and more community based. BUT, before I committed to Oxy I made sure that if I was going to live on campus for that long that there would be delicious food available to me at all times. And for 3 happy...

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September 10, 2012

Blogger: Madi Tsuji

Hi prospective students and parents!

I’m Madi Tsuji, a junior psychology major and sister of Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha. I’ve blogged in years past, but this semester is special because I am currently abroad in Rome, Italy!

Here’s a little bit about my program:

Oxy has a longstanding relationship with Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., and Oxy regularly sends students studying abroad to Trinity College’s Rome Campus. This semester there are six Oxy students in Rome. Students are housed in a hotel that Trinity rents out rooms from, or they are housed in the convent where they live among the nuns. Meals and classes are in the convent, and we also have a library facility with additional classroom space. I’m living in the hotel, and though my single room is...

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June 9, 2012

Blogger: Marilyn Bran

I am so glad I finished junior year! I felt it was a never ending tunnel and now, come September, I will be a senior! I still can’t believe..I won’t believe it until graduation <–Fingers crossed I get there! So on to the REAL topic to this post..SUMMER!

Yeah summer hasn’t really, officially, started in L.A., but c’mon, let’s be’s always (or almost always) summer in Los Angeles. After moving out from my dorm, I came home to find my living room and dining room being remodeled (Thanks Mom!) and all of my stuff was stuck in storage in my garage, my room, my parents’ room, and even some in the kitchen (gross, I know). Well after a week or remodeling, the living room and dining were finished, but I must confess, I still haven’t fully unpacked my shhtuff. Eh, I will get it done..someday…maybe next week?

Anyways, I decided that instead of taking a class like I have been...

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June 7, 2012

Blogger: TJ

Wow summer has been very eventful thus far!  I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel so much in such a short time!!

I started it off with a vacation to VEGAS!  What a way to start right? haha I’ve never been there before and had a great first experience there!  Right after I came back, I went on tour with the Occidental Glee Club.  Yeah that’s right!  Our glee club gets to tour around the world!  We’ve been to places such as Ireland, Bay Area, Vegas, Australia, and many other places.  This year we went on tour to Massachusetts with stops at the Cape, Boston, Cambridge, and Sherborn.  When tour ended, I got on a bus to go to NYC to dance for a few days at the Broadway Dance Center, and now I’m finally home!

This summer, I am fully dedicating myself to dance…and summer school.  I am putting a lot of work into Oxy’s first dance crew, Hyper...

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June 6, 2012

Blogger: Madi Tsuji

Hi everyone,

As the title of the post may imply, we all really did spring into summer so fast that I can barely wrap my head around the last month. Is it really already June? The last four weeks of the semester were OUT OF CONTROL with finals, projects, papers, friends, going out, staying in, spending time with seniors and friends I won’t see until 2013 (remember? I’m going abroad!), working, tanning, hiking, exploring the city, eating out, dealing with a car crash (we all survived don’t worry), and just living life (seriously, shower time took up a lot of my last 4 weeks… I mean if you go to the gym and the pool and the beach and run around in the sun a girl’s gotta rinse off!). Umm, done oversharing now.

My drive home was interesting. Since I’m going to be abroad in the fall, I didn’t want to keep things on campus in storage (I stored six 18x18x18 boxes last year. SIX.) so I stuffed everything...

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May 22, 2012

Blogger: Frances Power

Hi everyone,

I assume like most seniors my last few weeks have been completely insane in a good way. I just finished moving out of the dorms on Sunday and spent yesterday morning with family. One of my "errands" yesterday was officially accepting a job!

I will be working in a city in China near Shanghai, along the bullet train route between Shanghai and Nanjing. My job will be working as a college counseling intern with DiPont Education, providing support to the college counselors and helping Chinese students who want to attend college in the United States. It's a GREAT opportunity, and I'm very excited, but I also have to say goodbye to all the family and friends who I won't be able to see for at least a year, so in some ways it's bittersweet.

I suppose this will be my last post; I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of months before I start. My four years at Oxy have come to an end in a great way...

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May 15, 2012

Blogger: Miranda Sieg

As you may or may not know, my host family consists of two parents, three siblings, and a dog.

So, while my Japanese is improving rapidly (by my standards) I'm still not at a conversational level most of the time, particularly at home where I mostly spout single-words and hope they get the message. My relationship with my host siblings is kind of strange because a) they don't speak a word of English, and b) they're all teenagers and I'm very much an interloper. They're also all super busy, particularly the boys, so I rarely if ever see them around (I can go days without seeing my oldest host brother).

Until this weekend I basically only talked to my host mom, maybe my host sister every once in a...

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May 6, 2012

Blogger: TJ

Finals week starts tomorrow!!!! A tough semester is coming to an end.  I'm sure we are all excited to get this week over with and get to summer!  How finals here works is you usually get one or two reading days as well as the weekend to study.  Then over the course of the upcoming week, you have your finals.  There are three sessions each day Monday through Saturday (Saturday usually only has 2 sessions) Hopefully they are spread out, but sometimes you just get unlucky!  Finals time is kind of nice though because unlike midterms, you get the whole day off to just study for your finals.  I personally prefer finals so much more than midterms because I get to study on my own schedule and not have to do projects for other classes simultaneously.  I'm sure you don't want to read an entire post about finals so I'm going to skip to after finals...

The week after finals is senior week!  For...

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