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March 6, 2014

Blogger: Amber Thai

Hi all!

  We're entering midterms week here at Oxy before spring break so things have been a little hectic. I've had tests for all of my classes within the last couple of weeks and the studying has been keeping me busy. I continue to do research with Professor Kerry Thompson on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Epilepsy and I was also able to help plan Greek recruitment week which was really fun! Other than that, I've been applying for internships for this summer ranging from consulting to law internships in different cities like LA, San Francisco, New York, and overseas too because I'm always up for an adventure. Though I am planning to go to law school after I graduate from Oxy, I am trying to apply for a variety of internships that could expose me to different fields and make summer more productive. In addition to that, I'm also planning my academic path towards law school which makes me pretty nostalgic of my junior year...
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March 4, 2014

Blogger: Claudia Dumpson

Over the long President’s Day Weekend, my roommate (and sole car owner of our friend group) took a trip to San Francisco. Thus, we were left without a car for the weekend. At first, we questioned how we would possibly survive the weekend without the glorious blue Prius we had become so accustomed to. 

Dying to get off campus, we decided to grab lunch at Highland Cafe on York Boulevard, one of the main streets surrounding Oxy. After a lovely lunch of quinoa veggie burgers, we walked to Scoops, an ice cream shop known for it’s unique flavors. I got chocolate bourbon, and my friend got avocado honey. 

We then walked down York and made our way to Rangeview avenue. Admiring the beautiful Los Angeles February weather (mid 70s), we...

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March 3, 2014

Blogger: Matthew Cecconi 

A truer statement has never been spoken. I cannot believe that spring break is already just a week away. This semester seems to be flying by and I have been trying to make the most of it. From a standing weekly date to go to a taco truck and then watch the new episode of How I Met Your Mother with friends, to going hiking on the weekends, life this semester really has been fun. One of my favorite trips this semester has been a midnight trip to the local bowling alley to bowl with my friends. Another plus from this semester is that my classes are all really fun and entertaining.

As I mentioned in my last blog I am taking two sociology classes, deviance and qualitative research methods, to help satisfy requirements for my major. In...

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March 1, 2014

Blogger: Jeremy Childs

Is it just me, or does spring semester always seem to go by faster than fall semester? I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising: spring semester has a lot going on. In addition to a full course load, students often have to spend their spring semester planning out the rest of the year. Applications for internships, study abroad, summer research, and financial aid take up a significant amount of time, especially when compounded with the search for new living accommodations. It’s a very stressful time because plans are up in the air for most of the semester, and by the time dust finally settles, it’s too late to apply for anything else. Every opportunity feels like it’s make-or-break, and even though experience has taught me that things tend to work out eventually, the process does not become any...

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March 1, 2014

Blogger: Columbia Shafer

I had my first class of Spring semester yesterday, after the longest winter break of my life. I’ve spent three months out of school waiting to spend a semester abroad studying in New Zealand. Because of the reversed seasons in the southern hemisphere, I’ve had my summer break in the middle of winter. After my months of waiting I’ve finally arrived in Aotearoa - the indigenous Maori name for New Zealand meaning the Land of the Long White Cloud. And so far it has been worth the wait! I’ve only been in the country for twelve days, but it certainly has been jam packed with excitement. 

I am spending this semester at the University of Otago in the city of Dunedin. If that city doesn’t sound familiar than you are just like me when I started looking at programs in New Zealand. I thought I...

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February 27, 2014

Blogger: Rhys Berkwitt

Hello Again!

So it has been ages since my last post and A LOT had happened. After making it out of last semester alive (there were a few moments during finals week that I was questioning whether I would), I had a great break back home in Seattle. Since coming back, some new developments have come into place. I started out this semester strong when I came back to LA a week early for rugby camp which ended up being an absolute blast. I love rugby but to be honest there are times, when you are feeling a little beat up, that you question “why in the world am I doing this?!” Camp answered that question for me. After spending 4 1/2 weeks up north in the cold, gray (but lovable!) bubble that is Seattle it was great to be back in SoCal with sunny 85 degree days in the...

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February 26, 2014

Blogger: Connie Oh

It’s only been a month since the new semester started, and I can already list at least three things that I accomplished so far this semester. Not bad, huh?

First of all, I have been exploring Los Angeles far more than I did last semester. I went to Chinatown to see the Lunar New Year festival parade. I visited Koreatown to get some awesome (and affordable) barbeque. I also explored around Pasadena, which, by the way, has a lot of great eateries as well. And I don’t even have a car! Don’t underestimate the places you can go by foot and bus.

Secondly, I have begun interning with The Occidental Agency, the on-campus student-run business that creates graphic designs for campus clubs and events for – get this – free. I’m...

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February 25, 2014

Blogger: Enrique Aguilar

Hello, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA (if you’ve even noticed) from blogging, school has been pretty hectic lately! Among the many applications I have to fill out, classes are more rigorous and time consuming. I’m not complaining, though, because now that I have my declared my major and have most of my semesters planned out, I can cross that stress off the checklist.

Anyway, lets catch up a little bit. Besides going to class, I’ve been starting to explore California a lot more. One of the reasons I left Chicago was because I wanted to see what else is out there, and I am finally doing so. Hiking has become one of my new favorite hobbies. A couple friends and I have made it a tradition to go at...

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February 19, 2014

Blogger: Michelle Lo

*Disclaimer: Friday, February 14 was an especially busy day for me!  It was also a very unusual day—I didn’t have class, but I had a plethora of campus activities I had to attend.  Most days are NOT like this, but today was the perfect storm of a day to showcase all of the activities happen on our campus!

First off, to those of you who aren’t familiar with me (meaning most of you because this is on the interspace and none of my non- virtual friends read blog posts), I’m Michelle!  I’m a second semester senior biology major and the Transfer Senior Fellow.  The following is a play- by- play of my very busy day!

8:00 Wake up!  My roommate (Roomie 1) and I were up late after our basketball game, watching “Rise of the Guardians...

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February 17, 2014

Blogger: Caitlin Fein

The spring after a semester abroad is a weird time. You’ve just come back from meeting the best and most culturally diverse friends you’ve ever had. You’ve been to the most amazing places and had so little work that going clubbing was part of your weekday routine. You’ve eaten so much bread and cheese that your pants don’t fit and you don’t even care. That extra bulge is a sign that you’ve lived, uninhibitedly in a new country for four months. As a post study abroader, it’s hard not to think: “Well, I’ve been to Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam now. What could L.A. possibly offer me?” Well, it certainly does not offer the stellar public transportation that I fell in love with during my time in Brighton,...

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