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April 14, 2014

Blogger: Columbia Shafer

I’ve come to the realization that being abroad for a semester is sort of like being a first year in college again. I’m at a new school, making new friends and adjusting to new social norms. I first noticed this most clearly during my first few days of classes at the University of Otago; I had no idea where I was going or how to get there and I was loving it. I had the challenge all over again of navigating a new campus trying to find my way through mazes of buildings in time for a new class. The comparison doesn’t stop there - I also have the same sense of excitement and enthusiasm again. Every little thing, even getting lost on the way to class, is an adventure. 
One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten was from my high school college counselor. His advice was...
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April 10, 2014

Blogger: Everest Law

Hello again, people! My last blog post was completed JUST before I went on a "Semester Abroad" program to Russia. (Here's the link to that post). Now that two-thirds of the semester has passed, it seems to be an appropriate time to have another entry up here. It is hard to summarize the whole experience without boring anyone to death, so instead I will present you with a list of memorable moments.

And no - I don't know much about the Winter Olympics. St. Petersburg is hundreds of miles north of Sochi.

1. Traveling across 5 time zones and back ... while remaining in the same country. The first week of April...

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April 9, 2014

Blogger: Annie Marroquin

Hey y’all, I am Annie Marroquin, a sophomore Politics major and Urban & Environmental Policy minor. I am a part of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., an Overnight Coordinator for the Office of Admission, and next year’s Co-Director for More MOSTE.

Last Tuesday, I had the amazing opportunity to be in the presence of my role model, Dolores Huerta. I listened to hear speak about the importance of community organizing, the power of the people and the empowerment of women. She mentioned how the United States is #70 in the world in women representation within legislation and that women need to pull themselves out of the mindset (that society has created) that we are weak or that someone else is going to take care of us. She also discussed campaign reform and to use...

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April 6, 2014

Blogger: Kristin Feinberg

Hello future tigers and tigers alike!

Happy Spring!  It has been a hectic semester so far. Here are some things that I've been up to.

Lacrosse: This is definitely the thing I blog about most. We are about halfway through our season at this point and are currently 6-1. We went 5-0 in the SCIAC first round, and are working on finishing our out of conference play. This week we face opponents North Central (Illinois), Pacific (Oregon), and Colorado College. 

Delta: As co-social chair of Delta Omicron Tau, I have helped plan many social events throughout the semester. It has been a blast working with the other social chairs, as well as with our venue and photographer for our Semi-Formal. Additionally, Delta is...

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April 3, 2014

Blogger: Lisa Chang

Just a little over a month left of this school year! Crazy how fast time has past, huh?

These past few weeks have been crazy busy, but rewarding. The highlight of it all was definitely the Dance Production shows last weekend! As the oldest and largest student club on campus, Dance Pro holds their shows in the spring and it has always been a smashing success! I was part of two dances: Bollywood, and a Hip-Hop dance centered around a football theme. They are definitely really different, but I have had an amazing experience spending three hours of my Saturdays learning the dance moves, dancing, sweating, and interacting with the other dancers this past year. Showing all of our hard work and progress in front of thousands of people in the end was absolutely...
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April 1, 2014

Blogger: Qiu Fogarty

It seems that students are continually pushing themselves to do more and to become more involved in student life. That’s why today I wanted to share what your experience could look like as someone engaged in student life at Oxy.

This was a particularly busy and special week as my sister was visiting & my club was involved in a big campus action.  As an Oxy student, your particular schedule will fluctuate between “chill weeks” and “hell weeks,” but hopefully this will give you a sense of different opportunities at Oxy and of what your schedule could resemble as a student leader.

Saturday (3/22/14) to Thursday (3/27/14)



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March 30, 2014

Blogger: Lisa Gilliland

As we reach the point where counting months turns into counting weeks until graduation I’ve begun to experience the first of the “lasts.” Already having seen my last football game and had my last Spring Break (this one’s particularly bittersweet). I attended my last Dance Production performance this past weekend. Dance production is an annual event that is completely organized and run by Oxy students. Extremely talented students choreograph dances from hip hop to ballet, and this year over 300 students participated as dancers in the show! Seeing this show is always a highlight of my year because it gives me a chance to be blown away by the talents of my incredibly bright and passionate classmates - whether they’re my friends or people I see in...

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March 29, 2014

Blogger: Madi Tsuji

Becoming a sister of Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha (Alpha for short) was the greatest decision I ever made at Oxy. After nearly eight semesters here, I can say that definitively. Alpha gave me the courage I needed to take risks and make big decisions and was the support system I fell back on when risks didn’t pan out or life didn’t go my way.

For those of you who may not know, Alpha is one of the sororities at Oxy, and more specifically, is one of the three local sororities. Alpha was founded in 1900, 13 years after Oxy was founded in 1887. We just celebrated our 113th birthday, which makes us the first and oldest sorority at Oxy. Alpha ladies have seen it all—we are entrenched in the history of Oxy and have been a campus institution since our...

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March 27, 2014

Blogger: Daphne Auza

Before applying to study abroad in the Netherlands, I had zero familiarity with the Dutch language. I tried teaching myself some vital phrases before leaving, but when I found myself surrounded by the guttural g’s and other phonetics peculiar to Nederlands, I was in a bit of a culture shock. However, one of my favorite words that I’ve learned so far is “gezellig”. Unfortunately there’s no English translation for it, but “gezellig” connotes a specific kind of atmosphere, one that is cozy, comfortable, and often involves good company. I’ve met so many welcoming people during my time abroad, so in the past couple months I’ve had a good share of “gezellig” evenings.

When I first saw that I had a blog schedule for this week, my initial reaction was...

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March 26, 2014

Blogger: Donovan Dennis

Spring has arrived at Occidental, and boy have the temps been sizzling. After our unbearable winter (a.k.a. three days of downpour earlier this month) I finally get to lie out in the sun for hours on end, improving my jealousy tan. We’ve just come off spring break, and the campus is buzzing as we prep for the last big academic push before summer vacation. For the next few weeks, however, I will be battling the endless stairs and lack of handicap door buttons on my newest ride, a gleaming pair of crutches. Over break, while my friends were busy hiking, swimming, camping, surfing, and Mexicoing, I underwent hip surgery repairing some damage from endless hours of swimming. (But mom came, and we got Sprinkles, so I’m less bitter). It’s certainly been an adjustment...

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