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November 3, 2013

Blogger: Connie Oh

Hey everyone. My name is Connie and I’m a brand new freshman here at Oxy. I’m from Irvine, California – a suburban city about an hour away from campus. 
One Saturday evening, I was at the Cooler with my friends, chatting amongst ourselves about this and that, when suddenly, a group of people rushed into the place. They were wearing old-school plaid shirts with jeans, and beautiful long skirts with vintage patterns. They paired up, 
turned on the country music, and then started square dancing in the middle of the Cooler. We weren’t really sure...
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November 3, 2013

Blogger: Columbia Shafer

The beginning of my junior year caused the daunting realization that I am more than halfway through my time at Oxy. This caused me to reflect on what I’ve learned during my time here. Of course I’ve learned academically (especially about the brain, I’m a Cognitive Science major), but what about outside of the classroom? Here are some of my ponderings, the result of my time here so far. A list of life hacks for living and studying at Occidental. 
Get Creative in the Dining Hall
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October 31, 2013

Blogger: Enrique Aguilar



Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while, so in case you don’t remember me, my name is Enrique and I am now a sophomore at Occidental College. A pretty exciting thing that has happened since my last post is that I have declared my major. I chose (insert dramatic drum roll here) Sociology!!! Frankly, I did not expect to choose Sociology as my major because I walked into this school extremely interested in DWA (Diplomacy and World Affairs). After taking a class, I realized that it wasn’t really my thing. My family had always pressured me into thinking about majoring in Economics, so I am currently taking a 101 class. I like it so far, but it just doesn’t compare to any of the Sociology classes that I’ve taken. I appreciated their...

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October 31, 2013

Blogger: Daphne Auza



Hey everyone!

My name is Daphne, and I’m a junior here at Oxy. My default answer for telling people where I’m from is Sacramento, but before that I lived in Cleveland, Ohio and San Diego. I’m an English and Comparative Literary Studies major with a minor in Sociology. Throughout my Oxy career I’ve been involved in Spoken Word Club, Her Campus Occidental, The Occidental Weekly, and Feast Arts & Literary Magazine. So if you’re curious at all about some of the the publications and writing outlets we have on campus, I guess I’m your girl!

So far, this semester has been really different compared to my previous semesters here at Oxy - but in a good way. For one, I’m one of the newest residents in Pet House! The picture I’m...

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October 29, 2013

Blogger: Matthew Cecconi


Hi! My name is Matthew Cecconi and I am a sophomore Sociology major from Los Angeles, California. Specifically, I live in Eagle Rock, a whole six-minute drive from campus.

Whenever I get asked why I chose a school so close to home, I love explaining all the perks that come along with it. For example, move-in day for my first year was a Saturday; I started packing on Friday. Additionally, for every break that we have had so far it is much easier to throw my clothes in my laundry bag and take that home rather than attempt to fit them all in a suitcase. These simple perks, however, are not the only reasons that living close to home is so easy and nice.

The fact that my hometown is Los Angeles was another big reason that made coming to Oxy so easy. The city is so rich with history and...

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October 29, 2013

Blogger: Marisha Thakker


So, what do political theatre, environmental policy and dance have in common? Me, of course. The countdown to my comps performance has begun – the senior comprehensive project – big, scary words for a very big, very scary process. Not really, especially when you have amazing mentors and friends to help support you (chocolates and hugs don’t hurt either). For my theatre comps, I’m writing and directing an eco-friendly production about four women who control the elements and their journey through the darkness to save the world. Pretty epic huh? What’s really incredible is that I get to work with so many talented designers and actors. My Theatre in Times of Crisis class is also an excellent source. We discuss everything from parodies to Brecht.

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October 24, 2013

Blogger: Daisy Zhang

"He felt like cheering privately because people often wanted to start their lives all over again in tough times and not many of them actually got to do it." - David Chen, Claim the Earth

7 classes with 2 labs and a class at Caltech (with Everest!), plus 3 on-campus jobs as a grader, international student liaison and language table coordinator. Here is my third...

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October 22, 2013

Blogger: Madi Tsuji


I used to say commonly-heard things like, “the start of the year is so busy!,” “I’m still settling in,” and “I hate midterms week.” Now, in the middle of my fourth and final fall semester at Oxy, I’m realizing that all of the aforementioned statements are misleading. Yes, the start of the year is busy, but so is the rest of the semester. Yes, I am still settling in, but I will still be settling in until finals week, and then I’ll have to get used to a whole new schedule. And yes, I do hate midterms week, but midterms are really more aptly described as the season from the 3rd week of the semester to the 12th. And not only are the statements misleading, they are also commonly-given excuses.

We’re nearly at the halfway point of the...

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October 18, 2013

Blogger: Claudia Dumpson


Hi everyone!

My name is Claudia and I’m a sophomore from Burlingame, California, a suburb about 20 minutes south of San Francisco. I’m a Sociology major, Spanish minor and a possible double minor in Education. I’m a new tour guide, member of Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority, and a mentor for a program called WYSE. 

I’m a new tour guide this year and something that prospective students and parents ask often is “Why Oxy?”. And since this is my first blog I decided that’d be a perfect way to start. 

Disclaimer: This list is definitely not exhaustive because I love Oxy way way way too much to summarize it via blogging.

1. Community 

I guess my high school would be considered big (around 1,300),...

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October 16, 2013

Blogger: Martin Pittman



My Name is Martin Pittman, and I am junior sociology major from Washington DC.

Being so far away from home, some might imagine, is a big struggle and one that has me longing for bitter winters of the east coast. I am almost the exact opposite, though. The beautiful weather and great people here at Oxy have me consistently searching for ways to get back to the CALI SWAGG DISTRICT. My mom always said I was a flower child at heart, and my love for the west coast has done nothing but prove that.

I came to Oxy as a math major, but like a lot of students at Occidental, the social justice route was just too enticing.  After a few semesters of science, social theory, and crazy fun, I settled on Sociology which let me combine my interest in society and and my...

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