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March 26, 2012

Blogger: Chris Suzdak

Blyth Fund Circle

As we began interviews for new student directors to replace the departing seniors (including myself!), I found myself reminiscing about how this experience has shaped my Oxy career and post-Oxy outlook.

The Blyth Fund is a 14-member student-run investment portfolio with over $100,000 in real money. The Fund dates back to the 1970's when a donation was made to begin student investment funds at a select number of undergraduate institutions to foster the financial education that traditional liberal arts programs typically lack. The 14 Directors meet twice a week to discuss market news, review our holdings, present buy and sell proposals, and continually educate ourselves on finance.

My last presentation was a general overview of our Industrials sector, which...

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March 26, 2012

Blogger: Frances Power

I'm certain other people have been posting about Dance Production, especially since a very large portion of the student body took part in it. I wanted to write a post about it specifically because I was NOT involved.

Dance Pro is something I love about Oxy, not because I love dance in any particular way, but because of the enormous amount of student participation there is, both in the dances and in the audience. I went to Dance Pro on Friday night, and the house was SOLD OUT. That means probably 800 people attended on the first night; I don't know about Saturday, but I think it's WAY COOL that so many people like to see Dance Pro.

I know from trying to schedule use of the dance studio that each group of dancers meets once or twice a week for the entire year, not just this semester. All of the dancers in the production this weekend had been attending rehearsals since fall last year.

So, just so you know...going to Dance...

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March 25, 2012

Blogger: Aja Sanneh

Aja Morocco

hola a todos! i'm halfway through my abroad program in granada. we just got back from a 5 day trip to morocco.

we went to gibraltar, assilah, rabat, chefchaouen, the rif mountains, and tangier. we stayed a few nights with great host families, ate too much couscous and wonderfully spiced lamb, honey and bread, and learned a whole two words in the moroccan dialect of arabic--"thank you" and "i'm full"

i was raised in a muslim, northwest african home, so i didn't feel the same culture shock my peers did.  that said, one of the things that shocked me the most was not morocco, her people or customs--it was my classmates.

a classmate boasted, "at my college in the states, we wear the scarf thing once a year to really feel...

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March 24, 2012

Blogger: Marisha Thakker

Bollywood 2012 celebration

Any Potterheads out there? This got stuck in my head along with all my Bollywood and hip-hop moves. Dance Production 2012 made history by selling out the ENTIRE show tonight! The crowd was loud, the dances were amazing and it reminded me why I love dancing so much. Thorne Hall (our main auditorium) seats almost nine hundred people, and we usually have a full house, but this year today's show actually sold every single seat, which is incredible. Being a choreographer has taught me so much. Leading a group of enthusiastic dancers at the beginning of...

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March 23, 2012

Blogger: Nicholas Conti

The Moor At Oxy

March 23, 2012

Blogger: Miranda Sieg

Hey gang, apologies for the length between posts. To reiterate and for those of you newly joining me, I am still on Winter Break! I'm technically studying abroad this semester, but I haven't actually left yet.

But my wait is (mostly) over! I will be leaving for Japan on April 5th, arriving late April 6th... and now I'm freaking out.

Is this trip to study in Japan the fulfillment of a childhood dream? Yes. Is it going to be super-awesome? Yes. Will I look back on it with fondness and longing...

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March 22, 2012

Blogger: Lisa Gilliland


Hello there! As most of you probably know, acceptance letters go out tomorrow! (Right? if not... oops :P) Anywho, good luck to everyone! Now on to a bit about my week... Seeing as this is the first week back from Spring Break it feels like time is moving half as fast as normal. It's only Wednesday and yet this is the first time I feel like I've had a chance to sit down and actually do something besides homework/softball/class/meetings since Monday! I personally like being busy - it keeps me awake and interested, but this is borderline chaotic!!! This week is I-week for my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. What this means is that the new girls who went through formal recruitment a few weeks ago will formally be initiated on SUNDAY!!! This is a super big deal and really exciting, but is also...

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March 22, 2012

Bloger: Kyle Beasley

Wow, spring break definitely went by a lot faster than I expected it too. After being spoiled with a five week winter break, I can’t really complain though. Over spring break I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. For the first couple of days I relaxed at home with my family and caught up all the sleep that I missed out on during the previous week due to term papers and such. I did get to catch up with a few of my other friends who were on spring break as well. I also attended a dance show over break, put on by my former high school. It was good to see old friends and all.  That’s about it for my spring break. Nothing special really happened. All my other time was spent preparing for my Kinesiology midterm coming up.

Now that I’m back on campus….

A few days ago, a couple friends and I decided to go to a local coffee shop called, Swork to study for a bit and just catch up with each other. It...

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March 21, 2012

Blogger: Abby Chin-Martin

Downtown Seattle

Back into the swing of things here at school already! Last week was spring break, and I was lucky enough to go home to Seattle for the first half, and spent the second half at my friend's beach house in San Clemente. I got to experience the best of both worlds! This last week, Seattle experienced some crazy weather conditions, including dumping rain, raining moderately, drizzling, and only raining a little bit. During my descent into Seattle, the clouds parted and I was able to take an awesome picture of downtown and the Sound.

I had a wonderful time catching up with my family and friends.  The second half of my break in San Clemente was equally as fun! I was there with three of my best friends.  We had a house to ourselves, and because of the mediocre...

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March 21, 2012

 Blogger: Chris Suzdak

Intramulra Sports Whiffleball

For many, high school sports were a memorable activity that didn't translate to collegiate athletics for various reasons. Lucky for us, intramural sports serves as an outlet for continued friendly competition - especially at Oxy. For the past four years, I have personally played multiple seasons of soccer, wiffle ball, and dodgeball - racking up five championships (with t-shirts to prove it!). Most of the time I've played on official ΣAE fraternity teams. We have a designated IM Chair who makes sure we field teams for every IM sport every semester, which has led us to take home the all-IM Championship trophy for the past three years. Obviously, it's something we take seriously - haha.  Other fraternities, sororities, clubs, staff, and friend...

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