Welcome to Oxy’s Multicultural Summer Institute (MSI).

MSI laid the foundation for my experience at Occidental. I met other first-year students before classes started and I had a community that I’m still very close friends with now. It was definitely an amazing transition into college.

Anna Palmer ’19

As a participant in MSI, you will collaborate closely with your peers, the faculty members teaching the class, and staff and administrators at the College. You will be challenged to develop your critical thinking, close reading, analytical writing, and quantitative skills, while connecting across differences and becoming integrated into the campus community through the co-curricular portion of the program. The relationships you will develop with your fellow students, the MSI faculty and staff, and the campus community during the program will remain close to you throughout your four years at Oxy.

Apply Now

To indicate your interest in becoming part of MSI, we ask that you submit a short application explaining why you are interested in being part of the program. A few things to note:

  • The application is due Friday, June 4
  • The summer session dates for the program are July 6-July 30
  • With the exception of a $25 deposit, MSI is free to participants. Fall semester costs are covered through your regular Oxy tuition package.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone over the phone about the program, please contact Chris Arguedas, ICC Director, at icc@oxy.edu.