Marine Biology students examine sea life along the California coast.

Student Research

Student Research

At Oxy, students don’t wait until graduation to make original intellectual or creative contributions to their disciplines.

Undergraduate research develops creative and research skills in order to enhance critical thinking and independence of thought – two of the hallmarks of a liberal arts education at Oxy. That’s why, regardless of your major, there are many opportunities to participate in research during your time as a student.

You will work closely with your Cultural Studies Program instructor on a research project in your very first year. Many students will also conduct research as part of their major’s senior comprehensive project. You may apply to conduct research of your own design, or join a faculty research team through the Summer Research Program. The Keck Undergraduate Research Program offers opportunities to conduct research in Los Angeles museums, archives and cultural institutions. Or, conduct your research abroad.

Research takes many forms at Oxy, from composing music to testing a scientific hypothesis, to surveying or observing human subjects, to sifting through historical archives to analyzing a literary text or creating a piece of art. The Undergraduate Research Center is an outstanding resource to help you pursue your interests, and the Library and Center for Digital Liberal Arts provide a range of research support services and personnel.

Regardless of your path, you will conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students say that this close, one-on-one interaction with their mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences they have at Oxy.