The Anderson Center for Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary group of research-driven faculty, staff and students whose goals are studying Earth’s environment, solving environmental problems and developing the next generation of environmental scientists.

Newly remodeled spaces that are part of the Anderson Center feature state-of-the-art instructional and laboratory facilities that allow Occidental scholars to gain the hands-on experience, technological literacy, and competencies with modern equipment required for success in graduate programs and future careers.

The Anderson Center program offers a rigorous research atmosphere typically found only at large universities while preserving Oxy’s intimate liberal arts character. Working alongside faculty to collect and analyze data, our undergraduates directly contribute to research projects and even co-author articles for publication. 

Newly improved facilities allow our researchers to leverage the immense potential of Occidental’s collection holdings. The Moore Lab of Zoology and Cosman Shell Collection illuminate how the environment has shaped biodiversity and how biodiversity will respond to future environmental changes.

Occidental College is grateful for the generous support from the individuals and many foundations who made this project possible. 

Anderson Center Academic Departments

The Anderson Center for Environmental Sciences is a hub for the work of several academic departments as well as numerous professors and students.


As a biology major, you will engage in scientific investigation of nature, from the molecular level to entire ecosystems, developing skills to address the challenges related to the natural world.


We offer an understanding of the Earth, the processes that affect its surface and interior, its formation and evolution through time, and its function as the physical environment for the living world.

Marine Biology

Oxy’s close proximity to the Pacific Ocean offers you a living laboratory for studying marine biology through a distinguished scientific program.

Environmental Science

A concentration within our biology and geology majors allows you to undertake an interdisciplinary exploration of earth processes and ecosystems.

Anderson Center Research Labs

Located between mountains, ocean, and desert, Occidental leverages these ecosystems for research and unique student experiences. The Anderson Center allows the College to further integrate its natural history collections with Southern California field biology programs.

Developing the Next Generation of Scientists

As a research center in a liberal arts setting, our faculty work closely with undergraduate students on their way to becoming the next generation of environmental problem solvers. Through mentored research, students gain both the critical thinking skills and the practical field and lab experience needed to succeed in a variety of future careers and endeavors.
Amelia Muscott '22
Amelia Muscott
Amelia is investigating hydroclimate variability in the Teton Range in Wyoming, reconstructing past climate and glacier changes using sediment archives preserved in alpine lakes.
Nicole McGee
Nicole McGee
Using Vantuna Research Group data from 100 sites, Nicole is comparing fish populations at locations dominated by native and invasive algae species in the Southern California Bight.
Joshua Medina '19
Joshua Medina
Comparative Studies in Literature & Culture
Joshua won an NSF research fellowship for devising the Moore Lab’s oBird Project, which seeks to bring museum specimens to the public and research community through 3D modeling.