Everything you need to know about Fall 2020 Housing for those that have been approved to live on campus.

Reminders for Fall On-Campus Students

Your observance of Occidental’s expectations will ensure that our community is safe for both yourself, your fellow Oxy students living with you, and the essential staff that continue to work physically on-campus. Students living on campus this fall should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each of you completed the Housing Petition Acceptance Form, which lists all the terms and conditions for returning to campus. Please review the COVID-19 Student Conduct Guidelines, as it lists the expectations for all students living in college-provided housing.  
  • As outlined in the Student Conduct Guidelines, there is a strict no guest policy in the residence halls. While we understand the need for students to be social and potentially connect with friends who do not live on campus, for the safety of all Berkus residents, we ask that you abide by this policy. Students found in violation of this policy or any other guidelines will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, and may lose their ability to remain in college-provided housing for the academic year.
  • For added safety, Campus Safety will be doing daily rounds of Berkus Hall, especially in the evenings. As always, Campus Safety is here to assist you, and ensure that our community is safe for all to thrive. Campus Safety is available 24/7 and can be reached at (323) 259-2599.
  • Emmons Wellness Center is here to support you throughout the year. If you think you are feeling ill, have questions about COVID-19, or have any non-COVID-19 questions or concerns, please visit the Emmons Wellness Center website to schedule tele-heatlh or telecounseling appointments.

What to Expect Living on Campus

To give context to much of the information on this page, we felt it important to share insight into what living on campus will be like for students this semester. 

Guidelines and Expectations

Many of you are arriving from different places in the country and the world. We recommend viewing the Los Angeles COVID-19 website to stay updated on county expectations and resources for all residents. Emmons maintains ongoing communication with the city’s Department of Health, and campus guidelines will continue to be informed by city regulations. Please review the College’s Health and Safety website as well as the COVID-19 Student Conduct Guidelines prior to arriving on campus. 

Living on Campus

Proactive health and safety measures will be a regular part of daily life on campus. Wearing masks at all times when you leave your room, daily symptom checking, washing your hands often, and social distancing will be the primary ways in which we support and protect each other living in a shared community. 

For social distancing and safety reasons, most indoor spaces you have had access to in previous years will be closed for the time being. This includes the Academic Commons, JSC, academic buildings, the gym, and residence hall common rooms. 

We know that activities that happen outdoors when done safely, reduce the spread of COVID-19 between individuals. When you’re not in your room, you can expect to utilize outdoor spaces often. We’ve included a list of items below to consider bringing with you to campus in preparation for the changes you’ll experience this fall.

Each student will be COVID-19 tested multiple times throughout the semester. Your testing schedule depends on the date you are first tested on campus. Meaning, if you’re tested on Wednesday, August 19th, your fall 2020 testing schedule will differ from a student who is tested on the Friday, August 21st move-in date. Information on testing schedules will be provided by Emmons. Students who are already living on campus will be tested the week of August 10th. Please keep a lookout for an email from Emmons.

Student Support

The Resident Advisor position is suspended this semester, and our physical office space will remain closed. We will continue to offer support remotely to residential students. You can expect to hear from us about housing updates and community building opportunities throughout the semester. During business hours you can reach us via email at resed@oxy.edu or phone at (323) 259-2531. 

After hours, Campus Safety remains a resource for students and they can be reached at 323.259.2599. There are also professional staff in our office and the Dean of Students office who serve in an on-call rotation 24/7. We work closely with Campus Safety and may respond to certain situations as needed.

For lockout needs, Card Services can give you a temporary card to gain access to your room. When Card Services is closed, please call Campus Safety for assistance.

What to Bring

Every residential student will receive a care package that will include a thermometer, two cloth masks, hand sanitizer, a touch-free tool to open doors, a recyclable bag, cleaning spray, nitrile gloves, and a reusable microfiber rag. If you live in Berkus Hall, you’ll also receive a toilet brush.

Each student will be assigned to a single room, however, your room set up may still have furniture for a double or a triple room. We are not removing furniture at this time. 

Given how different living on campus will be for students this fall, we have created a list of items you may want to consider bringing with you. We also encourage you to review the list of Prohibited Items you should not bring to campus.

Masks - Masks are required whenever you leave your room, including outdoor spaces.

Cleaning supplies - You should bring any cleaning supplies you expect to need. Although you will receive some supplies when you move in, the College will not provide these items on an ongoing basis.

Lawnchair/Beach towel/Blanket - Indoor residential common spaces will be closed and socializing safely should happen outside. We recommend bringing these for your comfort. You might want to consider an umbrella as well.

Portable charger for your laptop/electronics - You might find yourself working outdoors often with a need to charge your electronics.

Fitness items/needs - Rush Gym and the Berkus Hall Gym will be closed until further notice. We recommend bringing any fitness items/equipment you need.

Reusable utensils - In case you prepare microwaveable meals in your room.

Bike - The bike share program will not operate this semester. If you expect to need a bike, we recommend bringing one with you and a U-lock.

Dolly for move-in - Carts will not be available during move-in. Bringing your own dolly or cart might help make your move-in process smoother.

Prior to Arriving to Campus 

Move-In Meeting with REHS Staff

Email will be the primary way we keep you updated about the move-in process and housing updates, but we recognize this isn’t always the best form of communication for every student. It’s essential all students returning to campus understand what’s expected of them prior to arriving and that living on campus will be significantly different than what you have been used to in previous years. Therefore, we are scheduling virtual group move-in meetings with all students living on campus this fall to review this information with you. 

Move-in meetings will take place on the following dates and times. Please check your email for the link to sign up for a meeting. All meeting times are in Pacific Standard Time.

  • Monday, August 10th 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Tuesday, August 11th 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Wednesday, August 12th 9:15am - 10:45am
  • Thursday, August 13th 3:30pm - 5:00pm
  • Friday, August 14th 11am - 12:30pm
Symptom Checking App

Starting Monday, August 3, 2020, all students living on campus or returning to campus need to report on their symptoms daily via the Daily Health Check webpage. You can learn more about it on the College’s COVID-19 website. 

Fall Orientation

As a reminder, all students returning to campus must attend the Fall Orientation scheduled for Monday, August 10th. There will be an important session held by Emmons on health and safety protocol and expectations in the afternoon. You can view the full schedule here. Additional details will come from the SLICE Office.

Move-In Information

Fall move-in dates are Wednesday, August 19, 2020, Thursday, August 20, 2020, and Friday, August 21, 2020, 9:00am - 4:00pm. To support distancing and health and safety measures, move-in will occur in scheduled 2-hour time blocks.  Every resident will need to sign up for a move-in time slot. Please check your email for the link to sign up.

If you are an international student traveling from abroad, CDC guidelines require a 14-day quarantine. In order for the College to plan for your arrival, please email your travel information to Emmons at emmons@oxy.edu. You can learn more about the College’s Quarantine and Isolation Plan on the COVID-19 Health and Safety website, including information on meal delivery and daily health and safety check-ins with Emmons staff.

If you are a student who is transitioning from summer housing to fall housing, you are permitted to stay in your summer housing room and you do not need to sign up for a move-in time.

Move-In Day

On your move-in day, you will need to check in with Emmons staff in the Academic Quad. You are permitted to bring one additional person with you to help move in. Please do not bring more than one guest.

During the check-in process, you will have your symptoms screened, your temperature checked, and receive your first COVID-19 test. If you have a guest, your guest will also have their symptoms screened and temperature checked. Emmons staff will give you your care package and a new student ID that will grant you access to your residence hall and room. 

After you’re cleared by Emmons, you can proceed to your residence hall and move into your room. There will be designated signage to help manage traffic flow. There will be hand sanitizer stations near doors and elevators. REHS staff will be available at our move-in hotline if you have issues with your room or need to reach us for any reason. The move-in hotline number will be posted in your hall. 

Your meal plan will be active starting August 9th. On weekdays, the Marketplace is open 8:00am - 6:30pm. On weekends, they are open 10am - 4:00pm. They offer takeout options only.

For the latest information about housing, visit our COVID-19 website and review the Community Messages.

Virtual REHS Office Hours

REHS is still available by phone Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm, for any questions or inquires: (323) 259-2531. Additionally, students can participate in virtual office hours with staff by signing up via our appointment calendar.