Your support makes Oxy stories possible.

For more than 130 years, bright, curious and idealistic students have come to Occidental to experience a distinctive, innovative liberal arts education against the global backdrop of Los Angeles.

Gifts large and small directly support student scholarships, hands-on research for undergraduates, professional internships, and our remarkable faculty, high-impact programs, athletics, and student organizations. They allow us to maintain as well as expand our beautiful hillside campus, bringing innovation and state-of-the-art spaces to our students.  

Specifically, unrestricted gifts to the Oxy Fund make an immediate impact, allowing the College to seize new opportunities, address unexpected needs, and sustain core programming. The impact of the Oxy Fund can be felt in every area of the Oxy experience, from financial aid and scholarships to student life and athletics. 

Gifts to our endowment, including planned gifts, are critical in ensuring that we can continue to bring the best and brightest students to Oxy and fulfill our mission of providing a total educational experience of the highest quality, preparing our students to thrive in an ever-more complex world.

The Oxy Campaign For Good

On June 30, 2023, The Oxy Campaign For Good closed, exceeding its goal to raise $225 million for Occidental College by more than $25 million.

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