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The Fall 2023 Biology Seminar Series continues with a talk from Dr. Laura Fejerman, "Achieving Equity in Breast Cancer Precision Prevention for Hispanic/Latinx Individuals." The seminar is on Tuesday, October 24th, at 12:00pm.

There are well-established disparities in breast cancer preventative behavior and outcomes by racial and ethnic identity in the US, that result from the interplay between structural, socioeconomic, socio-environmental, behavioral, and biological dimensions. Large research studies designed to investigate factors contributing to cancer etiology and progression have mainly focused on populations of European origin. The limitations in clinicopathological and genetic data, as well as the reduced availability of biospecimens from diverse populations, contribute to the knowledge gap and have the potential to widen cancer health disparities. In this presentation I will discuss research on the genetic epidemiology of breast cancer in Latin Americans and US Hispanic/Latinx individuals as well as share my experience with breast cancer outreach and education in Spanish-speaking Hispanic/Latinx communities.