Sociology is concerned primarily with the scientific study of social groups and social relations. Sociologists seek to understand how societies, institutions, organizations and other social forces shape and are shaped by individuals.

Studying sociology at Oxy provides you with the analytical skills needed to understand and evaluate social institutions and social change. The curriculum reflects the discipline’s growing interest in and focus on disadvantaged groups and classes of people and the ways they interact with social institutions. A major or minor in sociology hones your evaluative and analytical skills and offers a more critical understanding of social life.

The varied expertise of Oxy’s sociology faculty gives you access to a wide range of courses and Oxy’s location in Los Angeles, one of the most ethnically and economically diverse cities in the world, gives you myriad opportunities to observe social phenomena firsthand. Through community-based research and internships, you will be directly engaged with the principles you explore in the classroom, and the populations you work with will enhance your learning in a mutually beneficial learning environment.

As a sociology major you’ll receive excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in sociology, law, social work, journalism, public health, marketing, business management, teaching, and public administration. The study of sociology will benefit you in any field that requires critical, analytical and ethical thinking about a wide range of social issues in the search for viable solutions in an increasingly diverse and complex world.

Meet Our Faculty

What Our Graduates Are Doing

Senior Manager, Nutrition Education, SF-Marin Food Bank

Molly (Burke) Daugherty

Public Affairs Specialist, SCAG

Margaret de Larios

Press Secretary, U.S. House of Representatives

Andy Eichar

Ph.D. program in sociology, University of Chicago

Aaron Hammonds

Fulbright Research Fellow in Morocco

Cynthia Magallanes-Gonzalez

Senior Staff Attorney, SurvJustice, Inc.

Carly Mee

Senior Research Analyst, The Lewin Group

Shannon Rogers

Communications Associate, The Innocence Project

Emma Zack

Master of public policy program, UC Berkeley

Denzel Tongue
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