Advising and Registration for Fall 2020

Registration for Fall 2020 is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 13th. All students returning next semester need to register for their fall classes during that week.

Advising Weeks: Monday, March 30th, through Friday, April 10th

Students must meet with their assigned faculty adviser during the Advising Weeks in order to obtain their registration PIN letter.  For undeclared majors, PIN letters may also be obtained through the Advising Center.  Making an appointment at the Advising Center for a time during the next two weeks is strongly recommended.  It is important to set an appointment with an adviser as soon as possible, as office hours are limited during those weeks.

If you are a declared major and your faculty adviser is not here this semester, contact the chair or department assistant of your major department.  They will be able to help direct students to an appropriate faculty member for an advising session.  If you have an advising session but for some reason your adviser is unable to give you your PIN letter, ask the adviser to send you a note indicating you have had an advising session.  Forward that note to the Advising Center in order to retrieve your PIN letter.

To prepare for your advising session:

1. Review your Grades and Academic Records (GAR)

This application is found in myOxy under the “My Gateway” link.  Review your progress toward completing your Core requirements.  You should also compare the courses you have taken with the requirements for you major as indicated in the College Catalog.  Be sure to view the catalog that matches your catalog year found on the summary page of your GAR.  If you have transfer credit you may need to complete a Transfer Credit & Course Substitution Form if the credit is not posted and/or if you wish for some or all of your transfer work to count toward your Core or major requirements.

2. Review Course Counts

Things to Remember:

  • To search for a course that fulfills a Core requirement, click the “Core Search” and select the Group Area in which you are interested.
  • If a course fulfills a Core requirement, a four-letter code will appear in the “Core” column.  Hovering your cursor over this code will display which requirement the course will satisfy.
  • Clicking the blue CRN will display the course description.  Here you will be able to ascertain which, if any, registration restrictions may prohibit you from registering for the course. You will also see the breakdown of any reserved seats.
  • If a course is listed with an “Unassigned” instructor and you are in need of an override, you may contact the department chair for assistance.
  • You may search for courses that satisfy Core requirements or major requirements by selecting the appropriate tab.

3. Create a draft schedule to review with your adviser

This worksheet may be used to sketch a tentative schedule of classes to share with your adviser.  You should create a tentative schedule with back up courses to discuss with your adviser.

If you have questions about these procedures or if you encounter any difficulties with the registration system, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

James J. Herr | Registrar