President Veitch expresses his heartfelt gratitude while offering some encouragement and perspective.

To Oxy staff, students and faculty:

Today marks the end of our first week of transitioning to remote teaching for faculty and remote learning for students. While many of our staff continue to come to campus to serve the essential needs of the College, others are a week or more into their adjustment to remote working. As we mark the end of this extraordinary week, I wanted to take a brief moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and provide some encouragement and perspective.

To our staff: Many of you have been directly responsible for making it possible for the College to pivot so quickly to this new remote academic environment. And across various departments, many of you continue to come to campus every day to meet the essential needs of the institution and those students remaining on campus. And like students and faculty, you are making the same adjustments to operating remotely while balancing concerns for your health, safety and well-being and that of your loved ones.

To our students: Wherever you are, we know the adjustment to remote learning may take some time. On top of that, you’ve experienced a loss of the in-person community that was so much a part of your everyday life on campus. I know I speak for all staff and faculty in saying that we are all in your corner -- we are here to support you. Even though there are still unknowns ahead of us, I hope that with each day, this adjustment gets a little bit easier.

To our faculty: You had a spring break like no other. On a moment’s notice you had to rethink your curricular approach to prepare for remote teaching. Many of you also have had to dive into the unknown and familiarize yourself with new technology. On top of this, you continue to be a critical source of support and encouragement for our students. Thank you for helping Oxy make this transition, and I hope each week from here on out gets better for you.

All this week I have seen the very best of the Oxy community as you have adapted to difficult circumstances to rise to this unprecedented challenge. It has been humbling and inspiring to see.

With gratitude,