Filming on Campus Next Week

An update on filming activities on campus next week.

To the Campus Community:

Three different film shoots will take place on campus next week for a television commercial and two current TV shows. As you may recall, this is not the first pandemic-era filming to take place at Oxy: we hosted a television shoot at the end of October.

With filming designated an essential business by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health last fall gave Oxy approval to proceed with campus filming, in line with the county’s own stringent filming safety requirements. With crews working under these rules and with Oxy’s current small campus population, we believe we can safely accommodate filming. The revenue generated by filming will help address this year’s budget deficit produced by the effects of the pandemic.

Both the College and the film industry share the goal of minimizing—or when possible, eliminating altogether—encounters between film crews and students, staff and faculty on campus. In addition to county and union health and safety requirements, film crews must follow Oxy’s own guest registration and health screening requirements, must wear masks, and will be restricted to approved locations only.

The need to follow strict health and safety requirements means that film crews will occupy a larger footprint than under normal circumstances to ensure social distancing and other safety standards are met.

Here are the details on the week’s shoots:

Monday, Feb. 1-Wednesday, Feb. 3: This Apple TV series will be shooting in the Academic Quad, the exterior of Johnson Hall (including the southwest door, facing the Quad) and on the ground floor of the Old Wing of the Library. Please note that most on-campus parking will be reserved for this production on Tuesday. The Conference and Film Office will be in touch with on-campus students to provide more details, and will be sending a campus-wide message with a map showing which parking will be reserved for film crews the entire week of Feb. 1.

Wednesday, Feb. 3-Friday, February 5: This television commercial will be shooting in Hillside Theater only. This shoot includes the laying of new sod in Hillside.

Sunday, February 7-Tuesday, February 9: This ABC television series is scheduled to shoot in the Academic Quad, the AGC steps, on Mosher Patio and the ground floor hallway near Mosher 2 and 3, and in the Cushman Board Room and adjacent hallway on the ground floor of Hinchliffe Hall. Production details, including parking, are still being worked out, and the Conference and Film Office will be following up with more information. Please contact them with any questions: 323-259-2795 or

As always, we are grateful to the Oxy community for its forbearance as we continue Oxy’s century-old practice of producing revenue by serving as a filming location.

Jim Tranquada
Director of Communications