Adjustments to the Fall Course Schedule

A message from the registrar announcing a number of schedule adjustments, including lowering the maximum seats in some courses, adding additional sections where needed to accommodate demand, and adding time between class meeting periods.

Dear Students,

As announced by President Elam on Wednesday, fall courses will be offered remotely.  In order to facilitate this move, we will be making some adjustments to the course schedule.  These adjustments include lowering the maximum seats in some courses, adding additional sections where needed to accommodate demand, and adding time between class meeting periods. In addition, some courses have been removed from the schedule, and will be offered in a future semester.

In order for my office to make these changes, the registration system will be closed at 5:00 pm Pacfic Daylight Time (PDT) today, Friday July 17th.  As the changes are being made you will be unable to view the fall schedule in Course Counts. Once the adjustments to the schedule are complete the fall schedule will reappear in Course Counts.  The registration system will reopen on Monday, July 27th at 9 am PDT. You will be unable to make changes to your schedule while the system is closed.

If you are a continuing student who has already registered for fall courses, you may notice changes to the meeting time for some of your classes The new times will not require a shift of greater than 30 minutes and most will move fewer than 15 minutes.  These changes in meeting times are designed to provide additional breaks between back-to-back classes. In a small number of cases, a more substantial change in course time was implemented.

As we enter into a remote semester, a number of courses will have the maximum number of seats reduced.  We feel it is important to keep class sizes low to allow for more personal interaction between students and faculty.  Based on spring registration, some classes will now have enrollments that are higher than the new maximum. In these cases, enrolled students will not be dropped from courses.  Some students may be encouraged to enroll in an additional section of the course while others may choose to enroll in a different course.  Academic advisers, the Advising Center, the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs, and individual faculty will be available to assist students looking to adjust their schedules.

On Monday, July 27th, at 9:00 am PDT we will reopen registration to continuing students.  You will not need to obtain a new PIN from your academic adviser.  Students who have misplaced their PIN may retrieve it using the “Retrieve My PIN” tool found in the gateway menu in myOxy.

New, incoming students will receive their registration PIN from their academic adviser during new student advising, August 3rd through August 5th.  New students will register for their classes on August 6th and August 7th.  Specific details will be provided to new students later this month.

The Dean of the College and the Associate Deans have been working with department chairs to make sure there are sufficient seats available in classes both for continuing and new students.  One way to open up seats is to delete any remaining wait lists, which may prevent available seats in a class from being claimed.  On Friday, July 17th at 5:00 pm PDT, all wait lists for the fall semester will be deleted.

Please contact the registrar’s office at if you have any questions.  I hope you all have a safe and healthy rest of the summer.

James J. Herr | Registrar