An update on semester abroad programs as well as independent, non-credit international travel programs for the 2021-22 academic year.

International Programs’ Fall 2021 semesters abroad are currently operating. Spring 2022 semesters abroad will proceed if they continue to meet all College standards including the Occidental’s expectation for programmatic delivery of adequate health and safety infrastructure and travel protocols.

However, Occidental’s current prohibition on the use of College funds for independent, non-credit, international travel by students remains in place through academic year 2021-2022, winter break and spring break included. Examples of currently prohibited programming include, but are not limited to, Endeavor, Young, Davis Projects for Peace, URC-Richter ASP, Richter, Anderson, Schwartz, and Maes; and student travel internationally that is normally authorized and/or funded by Athletics, administrative or academic departments, or ASOC, DEB, and other student organizations.

For summer 2022, we anticipate that funding will resume for international research, internships, community-based learning, and study abroad experiences that operate within the context of an organized program with adequate health and safety infrastructure and travel protocols. By January 2022, International Programs will publish additional guidance and specific criteria for allowable experiences.

Following campus procedures and policy, this decision was evaluated by the International Programs staff and the faculty committee, the Crisis Management Team and College executives in the context of unpredictable and rapidly changing global travel restrictions, border closures, and COVID conditions (vaccine and testing requirements and infection surges).

Please contact Robin Craggs or IPO with any questions.