The COVID-19 Coordinating Task Force (CTF) is charged with helping the College protect and support the health and safety of Oxy faculty, staff and students while maintaining the College’s commitment to providing instruction and service.

Reporting to the President, the CTF is responsible for assessing the potential impacts of the virus and recommending policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of the Oxy community while maintaining academic, business and administrative operations. It also seeks to keep the College community, both on- and off-campus, fully informed.

Task Force Members

Marty Sharkey, vice president of communications and institutional initiatives, lead

Liz Boyd, assistant dean for academic affairs
Caro Brighouse, associate dean for student academic affairs
Robin Craggs, executive director of international programs
Vivian Garay Santiago, assistant dean of students
Randy Glazer, associate vice president for human resources
Amy Munoz, associate vice president for hospitality services
Tom Polansky,  associate vice president of facilities
Roberta Pollock, professor of biology
Sara Semal, senior director of student wellness
Isaiah Thomas, assistant dean of students and director of residential education
Jim Tranquada, director of communications
James Uhrich, vice president for information technology services
Kimberly Uribe, chief of staff, president’s office

Advisory Members

Laura Paisley, associate director of marketing and communications
Jasmine Teran, social media manager
Nina Srdić Hadži-Nešić ’21, president of ASOC