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Hyper-Visible Black Bodies: The Case of France's General Dumas

Professor Arthur Saint-Aubin’s talk will examine the curious fate of French general Thomas-Alexandre Dumas in order to explore the tension and ambiguity at the core of certain representations by black male subjects of their physical bodies and bodily experiences. Professor Saint-Aubin will read excerpts from a military report—written by Dumas and submitted to the French government in 1802—as a way to reflect on masculine identities and as a way to think about a specific mode of black resistance and struggle. 

MCAT Strategy Session with Prof. Babak Hassanzadeh

Take a deep dive into MCAT preparation with Prof. Babak Hassanzadeh. As a former medical school student and an MCAT instructor with 500+ teaching hours, Babak will be sharing advice on how to study for the MCAT through cracking sample questions, how to focus on high-yield topics, and how to find effective/low-cost resources. We will be raffling one FREE Kaplan MCAT prep course!

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