Oxy welcomes its largest-ever international class for its 128th year. Also: 18 fast facts about the Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 displays Occidental's student body's usual eclecticism, but with a new global twist—among the first-years is the highest number of international students in the College's history.

The mostly Asian expats make up a full 10 percent of the freshman class, including 35 students from China, four from Singapore, three from Korea, two from the United Kingdom, and one each from Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In addition, 94 students, or 17 percent, hold international citizenship (from 21 countries). Twenty-eight languages other than English are spoken at home. In 39 percent of homes of incoming first-years, either the student or their parents come from countries other than the United States.

"I'd be hard-pressed to find another college with a more eclectic collection of students of different backgrounds, experience, and passions than our new class this fall," says Vince Cuseo, Occidental's vice president of admission and financial aid.

18 Fast Facts About the Class of 2018

1. 6,070 applied to Occidental for admission this fall. 2. 550 enrolled with the Class of 2018. 3. International students make up 10 percent of the class—the highest number in Oxy history. 4. 17 percent are first-generation college students. 5. 57 percent are women. 6. 38 percent of domestic first-years are students of color. 7. The class includes 35 students from China, compared to 224 from California. 8. 10 percent have alumni ties to Oxy (as do 7 percent of transfers). 9. 66 percent played sports in high school. 10. Two students skated roller derby. 11. 66 percent participated in athletics in high school, with that same percentage engaging in community service. 12. 25 percent play a musical instrument. Two students were all-state ­cellists. 13. 15 percent sang in high school. One student sang backup on the Rolling Stones' 50th-anniversary tour. 14. 19 percent were involved in student government. 15. 9 percent participated in Model U.N., while 17 percent hold international citizenship (from 21 countries). 16. 18 percent were in writing or journalism. One has published three novels, all of them available on Amazon. 17. Incoming students founded 25 different organizations, from "Dr. Who" to haiku. One student started an urban farming club. Another is a pygmy goat breeder. 18. An additional 41 students transferred to Oxy this fall—a cohort that includes the New Mexico state Brazilian ju-jitsu champion, a former nuclear submarine propulsion operator in the U.S. Navy, and a refugee of the Syrian civil war.

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