Words to the Wise

By Dick Anderson Photos by Marc Campos

As the College says goodbye to an unprecedented 11 retiring faculty, we called on some of their brightest students to share their memories, tributes, and an extra box of tissues

Scott Bogue

Professor of Geology | Years at Oxy: 35

“I don’t really like rocks—not for their own sake, anyway. But Scott’s unique mentorship helped me appreciate the bigger picture that emerges from studying those little pieces of Earth.”
Daniel Minguez ’09

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Robert Ellis

Norman Bridge Distinguished Professor of Spanish & Spanish and French Studies | Years at Oxy: 37

“Robert Ellis’ classes were one of the very best parts of my time at Oxy because they made me feel like a better world was not just possible but already real and tangible.”
Meghan (Goldstein) Corella ’07

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Motoko Ezaki

NTT Professor of Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture
Years at Oxy: 32

“She was a linguist, through and through, but with the analytical acumen of a scientist and, at times, the timing and delivery of a favorite comedian.”
Kevin Furlanetto ’13

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Eric Frank

Professor of Art & Art History | Years at Oxy: 35

“Even to a college sophomore who knew very little about art history, Eric Frank made the most monumental of art historical mysteries approachable—he allowed his students to be art historians.”
Bennett Harrison ’19

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Irene Girton

Professor of Music | Years at Oxy: 21

“To me, she seemed like Superwoman; a fierce example of strong, independent womanhood.”
Reba Buhr ’10

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Felisa Guillén

Professor of Spanish and French Studies | Years at Oxy: 31

“Professor Guillén helped me imagine how I might clear a path through the tangled thicket of my intellectual interests, and in many ways she saw that path more clearly than I did.”
Tania Flores ’13

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Gary Martin

Professor of Biology | Years at Oxy: 41

“His individuality, hair, flip flops, and laugh will be missed on campus, but he will always be remembered as an Oxy legend.”
Yeraldi Loera ’16

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Jaclyn Rodríguez ’77

Professor of Psychology and Latino/a Studies | Years at Oxy: 37

“When I first saw her, she was like a vision, and I remember seeing her and thinking that she was someone that I could aspire to being.” 
Gladdys Uribe ’02

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Nalsey Tinberg

Professor of Mathematics | Years at Oxy: 41

“Thank you for 10 years of advice, encouragement, and faith in me that has always pushed me to have more faith in myself.”
Emily Heath ’15

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Saul Traiger

Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy | Years at Oxy: 36

“When I think of Oxy, I see Dr. Traiger striding across campus, the platonic ideal of a professor in his element.”
Jan Benway ’94

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Jean Wyatt

Professor of English | Years at Oxy: 51

“Jean taught me that art is a window into our society, the way we debate our values, and the place where we make meaning out of this human experience.”
Cristina Escobar ’06

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