Oxy Addresses Sexual Assault


President Jonathan Veitch today released a series of interim recommendations from the experts conducting an independent review of Occidental’s sexual assault policies and procedures, which have come under fire from students and faculty.

In addition to the six-page letter from Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez, Veitch outlined a series of immediate, concrete steps that the College has taken and will be taking over the coming months to improve Oxy’s approach to sexual assault.

Those actions include the creation of a new, independent Title IX Coordinator position that reports directly to the president, the hiring of a new survivor advocate, and a complete revision of Occidental’s sexual-misconduct policies and procedures to be completed by August. 

"Work on this issue is too important to delay, and with Commencement less than three weeks away it is vital not to lose our momentum," Veitch said. "We will continue to press on with our work through the summer months."