Top Videos of 2019

From kicking off Oxy’s Campaign for Good to the 20th anniversary of the Undergraduate Research Center, five of our best videos from 2019 tell the Oxy story through visuals.

The Oxy Campaign For Good

Occidental’s first comprehensive fundraising initiative in over 20 years, the Campaign aims to raise $225 million to endow financial aid as well as to expand academic and co-curricular programs, modernize Oxy’s historic campus and strengthen annual support.

Undergraduate Research Center’s 20th Anniversary

For the past 20 years, Occidental’s Undergraduate Research Center has supported hands-on research and love of learning by allowing students, within a community of scholars, to refine their higher-order thinking skills as they create new knowledge.

Veterans at Oxy

At Occidental, student veterans contribute as much to the community as they receive, bringing a global perspective, hard-won life experience and leadership skills, broad diversity and a commitment to service.

Senior Reflections

As the Occidental College Class of 2019 prepared for graduation in May, seniors look back on their time at Oxy and offer candid and funny reflections on what they lovedand will missthe most.

Campaign Semester Program

Every election year, Campaign Semester provides Oxy students with an opportunity to learn about the political process through firsthand experience. The program allows students to spend 10 weeks in the trenches of some of the most competitive races in the country while earning a semester’s worth of credit.