Jim Tranquada

Each year on Memorial Day, the Occidental community pauses to remember the 65 Oxy alumni known to have died while serving their country in the armed forces. 

It is a roll call that includes one sitting trustee - August Rubel - and three graduates of the U.S. Navy's V-12 officer training program that operated on campus from 1943 to 1945.

As Remsen Bird, Occidental's president during World War II, observed, "May the memory of them and their deaths help us to see clearly and to continue to strive for peace and good will."

World War I

William Orr McConnell 1914, Distinguished Service Cross

Albert Simonds 1915

Carl Brandstetner 1917

Wilfred Carroll Byram 1917

Ralph Emerson Kellogg 1918

Theodore C. Koethen 1919

Raymond Welles Barton 1921


World War II

Donald A. Adair ’42

James K. Amend ’38

Perry E. Bangertner ’45

Philip H. Bates ’40

Frederic K. Boynton ’43

Robert L. Browne ’41, Silver Star

William D. Burnham ’43

James P. Cason ’45

Earl V. Fry V-12

William R. George V-12

Robert R. Hall ’42

William H. Hall ’45

T. Craig Harvey ’45

Frederic W. Hinrichs III ’37

George Hunter ’39

Don L. Huston ’42, Bronze Star

Harold E. Jones ’30

Paul R. Krug ’47

Allan H. Lawyer ’22

Clifford F. Leetham ’42

Fred R. Lindner ’45

Robert S. McNeill ’44

George E. McNulty ’46

Edward T. Marik ’45

Armine K. Mills ’45

Birge A. Neumann ’43

William H. Parmalee ’46

Gerald M. Pickerel ’43

Curtis H. Pollock, Jr. ’45

John T. Rankin ’43

Vernon L. Redmon ’44

August Rubel (Trustee)

Leo Savoian ’45

Robert M. Smyser ’40

Albert L. Spehr ’40

Kevork V. Tashjian ’43

William Thompson ’42

George K. Todd V-12

Douglas E. Webb ’42

R. Lee Weltkamp ’44

William M. Wrubelle ’46

Lenzo D. Zachry ’45



Arthur Lionel Dixon ’50

Gordon Oliver Smith ’49



H. Ronald Avila ’56

Donald A. Brown ’61

David Albert Dick ’64

David W. Embertson ’60

Steven Louis Hunt ’67

Charles Fred Jesson ’49

Robert A. Komoroff ’47

Donavan L. Lyon ’56

Stepehn C. Moreland ’65

William J. Newton ’45

Joel Warren Sampsell ’66

Jon Spear ’54


Missing in Action

Robert Donald Beutel ’68

Wallace Luttrell Wiggins ’65