Documentation Guidelines

Disability Services uses documentation to determine the most appropriate accommodations.

Documentation must be provided by the current treating health care or mental health professionals appropriately licensed to diagnose medical, psychological and/or learning disorders (i.e. physicians, psychiatrists, school psychologists, and psychologists). Documentation must be a pdf document printed on professional letterhead, include the contact information and license number of the professional, and be signed by the clinician performing the evaluation. The student must have been involved with ongoing treatment for the given medical or psychological disability. Documentation of treatment must be current (within the past 6 months). Please refer to our Medical Provider form for our guidelines.

If the submitted documentation does not include sufficient information for Disability Services to determine whether an accommodation is necessary, the Disability Services Office will inform the student in writing of the verification’s insufficiency and may request additional information, including speaking directly with the individual supplying the third-party verification, within seven (7) business days of receiving the verification.

For more details, please select one of the following:

Learning Disability
Psychiatric/Psychological Disability
Medical/Physical Disability