In addition to supporting the Ricoh copier fleet on campus, DOCS (Document Output / Creative Services) provides on-campus document creation and output services. From start to finish, we can assist you with your document needs.


Maricela - Graphics Supervisor
Humberto - Printer Fleet Manager

Hours of operation

We are temporarily closed. If you have a problem with a Ricoh copier/scanner, including paper or toner supplies, please continue to contact DOC at and we will coordinate the support.  

DOCS Services generally include:

Creative services Printing Copying Finishing
Graphic design Posters B&W Spiral/Coil binding
Logo creation Stationary Color

Saddle stitch (staples)

Logo recreation Letterhead   Folding
Document revisions Business cards   Padding
Proofreading Envelopes   NCR
Forms creation Invitations   Cutting

Ready to send us your print job? Follow these important guidelines to ensure the best printing.