Rich Estrada
Senior Staff Therapist and Outreach Specialist

Rich is a licensed therapist and graduated from Pacific Oaks College with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. His background includes experience working in community mental health with the LGBTQIA+ community as well as in the substance use and recovery community. He is currently in training to be certified in Compassionate Inquiry, developed by Gabor Mate M.D. and Sat Dharam Kaur N.D., which is a therapeutic approach that blends somatic, attachment, psychodynamic and trauma focused interventions together. His view on therapy and when working with clients is that every person has the innate ability to heal. He also believes that therapy can deepen your understanding of the issues impacting your life. Through the therapy process one can gain insight and deeper awareness and ultimately lead to a path of fulfillment and a more authentic self. Rich likes to work collaboratively with each client using a welcoming, compassionate, and intuitive approach to develop a personalized plan, taking into consideration who each client is as a person by using various interventions tailored to each client's specific needs. He approaches each client from a holistic, person centered and trauma informed lens. Areas of focus include addiction, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, relationship and communication issues, and stress. His interests and hobbies include practicing yoga, meditation, playing soccer, surfing, spending time with his 2 dogs and traveling.