Occidental College, while a private college, is open and inviting and is used by community members and others drawn to the campus for a variety of reasons.

Persons with legitimate business are welcome. However, entrance may be denied and the trespass laws invoked for persons found in or around our buildings without legitimate reasons.

Academic and business buildings are open during regular business hours.  Students must obtain written permission to use department facilities after hours.  For safety reasons, two or more students are required to be present in any classroom, lab, computer lab or reading reference room after 10 pm. The Mary Norton Clapp Library is open 24 hours a day, five days a week during the academic year.

All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day.  For the safety of all residents and the protection of personal property, all members of the campus community are strongly urged not to prop open any locked door.  Campus Safety officer patrols as well as the Residence Education staff frequent rounds help to enforce the non-propping of doors in residence halls.

Also owned and maintained by the College are a fraternity house and 46 rental houses, all located in the neighborhood adjacent to the campus.