The Emergency Operations Plan is the foundation and guide for response by administration, faculty, staff and students of Occidental College to a disaster that might occur on or near campus.

The purpose is to protect life, property, and the environment and to maintain the function of the College following a disaster. The intent is to make the plan flexible, so the details of specific incidents will dictate the level and type of response. However, the framework of the response organization, including establishing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), On- Scene Response and Policy Group will remain the same. Download the complete Emergency Operations PlanCommon Sense Advice for Earthquakes and a Disaster Preparedness Checklist.

Disaster preparation and response drills occur each year. Regular fire drills that stress safe evacuation, assembly and accountability are held in the residence halls. Should a drill be called while you are on campus, please respond with a serious attitude. Your contribution will help make the training exercise more realistic and meaningful and help your overall preparedness.