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Facility Security Policy
Overall Card Key Access Policy
High Security Access Policy


Responsible Parties
Access Levels: 

Requesting Access
Residence Hall Room Changes
Lost Cards

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Facility Security Policy

Occidental College is an open campus in a metropolitan area. Many visitors and local persons transit the campus. It is the College's policy to keep all interior and exterior doors closed and locked to discourage unwanted entrance to College facilities. It is the responsibility of all College personnel, students, faculty, administrators and staff to ensure doors to facilities they use are kept closed and locked at all times when the facility is not in use or has limited occupancy. Breaches of physical security jeopardize everyone's personal safety and security, as well as the property of the College. Poor physical security practices invite unwanted entry.

Overall Card Key Access Policy

Control of access is an essential ingredient to safety and security. Card key access via the College ID card is centralized through the Campus Card Office, operated by Hospitality Services. ID cards are the property of the College. Access is granted via requests by authorized individuals, and regulated by an appropriate balance of convenience and security. Access will be discontinued when an individual leaves the College. Individuals are responsible for safeguarding their ID card, and taking reasonable precautions to protect it from unauthorized use.

High Security Access Policy

High security access will be assigned to individual rooms on Campus to achieve an extraordinary high level of security. With this level of room security there are stringent guidelines for access.

High Security Requirement: The following reasons are sufficient for a high security access level on an individual room.

  • The items contained in the room are of very high value and subject to pilfering and theft.
  • The nature of the work accomplished and the availability of confidential and sensitive information could be severely compromised.
  • The nature of the research or other activities if disturbed could be critical to the outcome of the study; or are of a hazardous or dangerous nature.
  • Cash, greater than petty cash, is handled on a regular basis.

High Security Access: Request should be made to the Campus Card Office. Campus Safety will be consulted before granting the request. Considerations:

  • Access should be limited to as few individuals as necessary to maintain operations.
  • Access will be granted to students only with proper authorization by department head or academic chair.
  • Campus Safety does not have immediate access to high security areas. Access cards are maintained in the Campus Safety Office. Anyone needing ad-hoc access to high security areas must go through Campus Safety.
  • When work is required in a high security area, including Facilities Management personnel or a contractor/vendor, the individual with high security access will let them in, remain during the duration of the work, and lock up behind them. Some contractors/vendors may be authorized for check out of high security access cards, on a daily basis only.
  • Regular cleaning services will be performed on a scheduled basis only when the responsible person is present.


Responsible Parties

Campus Card Office/Hospitality Services/Johnson Student Center/Iron Man Room
Manages access in all buildings and facilities equipped with card key access

Primary Administrators:

  • Omar Mejorado, Oxy Card Services Assistant Director
  • Diane Hernandez, Card Office and POS Coordinator

Backup Administrators:

  • Judy Runyon, Associate Director of Hospitality Services
  • Erik Russel, Assistant Vice President for Hospitality/ Auxiliary Services


  • Isaiah Thomas, Director of Residential Education and Housing Services (REHS) - Manages lockout assistance for students in the residence halls.
  • Rick Tanksley, Chief of Campus Safety – Manages lockout assistance for other community members, and first point of contact for after hours service.


  • James Uhrich, Vice President for ITS/Chief Information Officer - Maintains network functionality, server operation, system security, and client software distribution for the electronic access control system.
  • Gerald Craft, Director of Institutional Information Systems/ITS (or designee) - Manages integration for cardkey access among disparate College software systems such as Ellucian’s Banner, Lenel’s ONGUARD, CBORD’s Odyssey, and Intelacard’s Entrust. Performs database backups and coordinates with vendors as needed.

Maintains door and lock hardware

  • Building Maintenance Supervisor/Facilities Management
  • Joseph Jordan, Locksmith

Oversight & Planning

  • Ben Neil, Assistant Director of Planning, Design and Construction, Facilities Management (or designee)
  • Omar Mejorado, Oxy Card Services Assistant Director

Reviews card key access vendor(s) as needed (but at least bi-annually) in several categories, including but not limited to: cost; reliability; service performance

  • Steven Gilman, Asst. VP of Technical Services & CTO
  • Gerald Craft, Director of Institutional Information Systems/ITS
  • Building Maintenance Supervisor/Facilities Management

Determines & awards system vendor contracts

  • Amos Himmelstein, Vice President for Finance and Planning


  • Erik Russel, Assistant Vice President for Hospitality/ Auxiliary Services
  • Dave Caldwell, Director, Facilities Management


  • Amos Himmelstein, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Finance, Planning and Operations


  • Information available in the Card Office, Campus Safety and Facilities Management

Access Levels

STUDENTS - will be given card key access to:
1. External door(s) of hall of residence.
2. Individual housing room assignment.
3. Computer lab and other common areas in hall of residence.
4. External door(s) and common areas in other halls of residence as determined appropriate by REHS and Campus Safety.
5. Academic spaces as requested by the department chair.
6. Library main door.
7. Athletic facilities, as determined appropriate by Athletics and Campus Safety.

STUDENT EMPLOYEES - will be given the same card key access as other students, plus access needed to perform their job duties, as requested by the supervisor:
1. REHS staff will be given external door and master card key box access to other halls as needed to perform on-call duties.
2. ITS staff will be given external door and master card key box access for computer lab access.
3. Other departments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION & STAFF - will be given access to areas needed to perform their job duties, as requested by the supervisor or department chair, including.
1. External door(s).
2. Internal office, workplace, classroom or lab door(s).
3. Some employees will be given access to master card key boxes in order to access other spaces to perform their duties.

REHS LIVE-IN STAFF - in addition to access needed to perform their job duties, will be given access to:
1. External door(s) of hall of residence.
2. Individual housing room assignment. This room assignment will not be on the master card key, and lock outs will only be handled by Campus Safety.
3. Family members (if any) of REHS live-in staff will be given access to 1& 2 above.

SUMMER CONFERENCES (INTERNAL PROGRAMS) – will be issued photo ID cards with access to:
1. External door(s) of hall of residence.
2. Individual housing room assignment.
3. Computer lab, laundry room and other common areas as needed.
4. Housing staff will be given access to the proctor closet/master card key box.

SUMMER CONFERENCES (EXTERNAL PROGRAMS) – will be issued non-photo card key access to spaces as contracted, valid only for the duration of the conference. No master access will be provided.

CONTRACTORS/VENDORS - will be issued non-photo card key access only for limited use and time. Cards are issued at the Facilities Management Office and must be returned at the end of each day. Vendors and non-construction contractors who do not coordinate card key access through the Facilities Management Office must obtain access from Campus Safety.

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, LOCKSMITHS, LOCKSMITH SUPERVISOR & CAMPUS SAFETY – Will be issued photo ID cards with master access to all spaces as determined appropriate by the Vice President for Finance & Planning.

Requesting Access

Card key access requests should be directed to the Campus Card Office:

Residence Hall Room Changes

The Office of Residential Education and Housing Services will manage student room changes, communicating with the Card Office.


Students locked out of their personal rooms should contact REHS staff on the duty phone for assistance. All other community members should contact Campus Safety for assistance.

Lost Cards

Lost or stolen cards should be reported on-line, followed by a request for replacement, available on-line for students, or in person in the Card Office for faculty and staff.


  1. Contact one of the system administrators in the Card Office for service issues.
  2. If no system administrator is on duty, Campus Safety should be contacted, to determine if the problem is software or hardware related
    1. Hardware issue (lock/door malfunction such as motor, battery): Campus Safety should contact Facilities Management.
    2. Software issue (card key malfunction such as no green light, pin won’t work): Campus Safety should contact a system administrator.
    3. If Campus Safety cannot determine the problem source, a system administrator should be contacted. The system administrator will then make the decision as to who should be called.