Campus Safety Support When Incidents of Hate Occur

In light of recent hate speech, a summary of what Campus Safety is doing and can do to create and support a safe environment for all.

Dear Oxy Community,

In response to the current issues on campus regarding the anti-Asian text messages, Campus Safety would like to let you know what we are doing and can do to create and support a safe environment for all. Expressions of bigotry and hate should never go unchallenged or unreported. I read an alarming statistic recently that nearly two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported to law enforcement. Also, while the text messages sent between students at Oxy did not contain a credible threat of physical harm, the impact on the victims and community has been profound and its unsettling effect is as if an actual violent act had occurred.

If you’ve witnessed or experienced an incident involving hate, See Something Say Something. Please contact Campus Safety at 323-259-2599 so that the incident can be documented and addressed immediately. Campus Safety stands with you in the fight against hate in all of its forms. 

To our APIDA students who are feeling particularly vulnerable and unsafe at this time, please contact Campus Safety if you feel the need for a safety escort 24/7.

Campus Safety considers all threats, no matter the means they are communicated, and takes them seriously. Where appropriate, as Campus Safety is not a sworn police force, we will consult with outside law enforcement when support is needed.

In addition to calling Campus afety to report a hate incident, you may also make an anonymous report via the LiveSafe app which you can download here.

I’m also including resources from the nonprofit organization Stop AAPI Hate regarding things you may consider when experiencing hate or are a witness to a hate-related incident. 


Rick C. Tanksley
Director of Campus Safety