Move-in - July 8, 2018
First day of class - July 9, 2018
Move-out - August 4, 2018

MSI is intensive both in terms of the academic program and in terms of the co-curricular program. We like to think of it as a linked learning course because everything you do is either connected to what you will be learning in class or will help you navigate Occidental more successfully.

A typical day begins with breakfast, followed by class from 9 a.m. until Noon. Following lunch, you may be participating in either academic or co-curricular activities. On some days, you will be working in small groups with your teaching assistant, meeting with the faculty during office hours, or working on your papers with peers or with the teaching assistants. All of these components will help you be more successful here at Occidental.

All MSI participants will be separated into groups named after four tiger sub species to create community within your groups and also for a little friendly competition. After dinner, there will be time to study and social time to interact with other participants. Saturdays are reserved for LA exploration days or Academic related field trips. MSI requires a total commitment from each participant. Due to the intense nature of the academic and co-curricular program, you will be with us all day, every day. Unfortunately, exceptions cannot be made for family events, work, etc.

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