The requirements below apply to those students with a 2023-2024 catalog year. Students are required by college policy to follow the major (and minor) requirements found in the catalog in effect at the time they declared their first major. To find your catalog year, please visit your Grades and Academic Records found in myOxy and access the catalog that matches your catalog year.

Students interested in the Cognitive Science major are encouraged to take COGS 101 during the first year and COGS 201 (Empirical Methods in Cognitive Science) during sophomore year. All interested students should meet with a Cognitive Science faculty member early on to discuss opportunities for research, study abroad, and more. If you wish to be invited to our events (such as seminars, social events, and open advising sessions), please contact the department chair.

Placement Information

No placement exams are specifically required for the Cognitive Science major.

Sample 4-Year Plan



Year 1

  • Fall FYS course

  • Core Requirement (4 units)

  • Core Requirement (4 units)

  • General Elective (4 units)

  • Spring FYS course

  • COGS 101 (CPMS)

  • Core Requirement (4 units)

  • General Elective (4 units)

Year 2

  • COGS 201 (CPLS)

  • Core Requirement (4 units)

  • Core Requirement (4 units)

  • General Elective (4 units)

Year 3

  • Computation

  • COGS 306

  • General Elective (4 units)

  • General Elective (4 units)

Year 4

Curricular Notes

Our major is flexible and has multiple introductory courses with no prerequisites, including:

All of these courses count towards the major. 

Transfer Credit Policies

The Cognitive Science Department may accept online courses for major, minor, and general elective credit. Students should reference the Transfer Credit section for more details.

Contact Cognitive Science
Swan Hall 103

Please send questions for the department
chair to