Cognitive Science Senior Comps

Senior Comps poster with list of students presenting

December 5, 3-5pm
Lower Herrick

Isabella Capeci: Reassessing the Dictionary Model of the Mental Lexicon

Kyle Costello: Comparing the Intracellular Processes of Neural Pruning

Hannah Q. Glover: Illustrating Mental Illness: Should Mood Disorders Have Personas?

Eleanor Goulden: Could Sex-Based Differences in Sympton Experience and Treatment Explain the Diagnostic Discrepancy in Somatic Sympton Disorder? 

Oliver Killeen: Putting the Art in Artificial Intelligence

Kirsten Laursen: Medical Applications of the Framing Effect

Juliah Lee: Putting Theory into Practice: Moral Disengagement and In-Group Bias in Counter-Terrorism Policy

Alexander Levers: Linguistic Relativity and Jamaican Patois: A Case Study

Devon Mann: Treating Aphasia: Which Methods Are Most Effective?

Vanessa Nguyen: Does Making Judgements of Learning Improve Memory?

Justin Ratzan-Wank: Mirror Movements

Christopher Rom-Toribio: Cognitive Deficits Motivate Development of Technological Treatments 

Andrew Valenzuela: Understanding Antidepressant Action through a Neuropsychological Approach 

Hannah Wagner: Evidence of Language Acquistian in Non-Human Primates

Chloe Zeller: Repurposing Word Embeddings to Quantify Implicit Attitudes