Cognitive Science Senior Comps

Poster for Cognitive Science comps

April 11, 11:45-1:30
Hameetman Science Center

Poster Presentations: 11:45 – 12:45, Hameetman Science Center Lobby

Candice Shim: The Bilingual Advantage: Effects of Bilingualism on Inhibitory Control 
Devon Mann: Treating Aphasia: Which Methods are Most Effective?
Kallyn Song-Nichols: Gendered robots can change children’s gender stereotypes and the social implications of such: On reality building and how Man manifests
Maria Salter: Animal Assisted Therapy as a treatment method for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Talks: 12:45 – 1:30, Hameetman Science Center 102

Vanessa Nguyen: Color-Shape Correspondences From Another Angle
Eleanor Goulden: Sex Differences and Gender Bias in the Diagnosis of Somatic Symptom Disorder